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How can I connect my mini dell laptop to a minitor or TV ?


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How can I connect my mini dell laptop to a minitor or TV ?

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I want to see the movies on big screen what kind of cables do this with my laptop?

Base,Notebook,Retail,INSP MINI10

Quantity Item Number Description
1 U443K Base,Notebook,Retail,INSP MINI10
1 C750M Module,Media,Digital Video Disk Drive,Resource Dvd Inspiron,1010
1 D160H Module,Adapter,Alternating Current,30W,2P,United States 910
1 D828M Module,Battery,Primary,2.2AH 3C,Dynapack International Technology Corp
1 F116R Module,Information,No Television Tuner, No Antenna, 1010
1 F129G Module,Hard Drive,160,S2,5.4 HIT-FALB,I/X
1 F219N Module,Software,Creative Camera,Consumer,W#3,Factory Install
1 F220N Module,Software,Compact Diskette,Creative,Camera Consumer,W#3
1 F412M Module,Documentation,Inspiron English,Dell Americas Organization,1010
1 G311J Module,Software,WXPHSP3,Low Cost,Factory Install,English Dell Americas Organization
1 G368M Ship Group, Notebook,World Wide,1010
1 H510M Module,Shipping Material System,Inspiron,LITHO
1 J019D Module,Software,DELL-DOCK Consumer
1 J206C Module,Software,Dell Connect 2.1,Dell Americas OrganizationEMEA,Brazil Customer Center
1 J341J Module,Label,Intel,Tablet,AtomDual Core
1 J503J Module,Software,BXNT,1.0
1 J722M Module,Information,Video Graphics,Solution,1010
1 K123M Module,Software,WXPHSP3,LC2 Factory Install,Quick Fix Engineering
1 K702M Module,Information,NO-WWAN NO-ANT,1010
1 K981J Module,Information,W/1.3CMRA
1 KW181 Module,Software,DSPRT-CTR,2.0
1 M761C Module,Card (circuit),Network DW1397,Inspiron,United States
1 MC386 Module,Label,MSLOGO,Windows Xp,SMALL
1 P788J Module,Software,WXPH,Low Cost,Certificate of Authenticity, V#2008
1 R176P Module,Information,Processor Silverthorne,Z520,1.33G
1 R573K Module,Liquid Crystal Display 10WSVGA,Anti Glare,Lg Philips Lcd,1010
1 T013C Module,Software,Works,9 English
1 T285N Module,Printed Wiring Assy System,Z520,1.33,1G,1010
1 U717N Module,Software,POWER-CINEMA
1 U970K Module,Assembly,Base,1G,1010
1 W220K Module,Cover,Back,W/BZL,Black 1010
1 W265J Module,Software,WXPHSP3,Low Cost,DVD,English,DAO/BCC
1 W871N Module,Software,WINDOWS-LIVE Consumer
1 X957K Module,Keyboard,82,United States,Black,World Wide,1010
1 Y873K Service Install Module Software,Inspiron,1010
1 950-3337 1 Year Limited Warranty
1 993-6617 Dell Hardware Limited Warranty, Initial Year
1 950-9057 No Warranty, Year 2 and 3
1 992-8040 Mail-in Service after Remote Diagnosis, Initial Year
1 960-2780 Warranty Support, Initial Year
1 3E476 Information,Equipment

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  • If your television has an HDMI input, you simply need an HDMI cable.


  • Hello,


    I appreciate your help, I don`t have HDMI in my TV :(I

  • You're going to need something like this, then.