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What is the best way to test my webcam?


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What is the best way to test my webcam?

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I have an Inspiron 1545.  Sometimes my webcam audio and video are out of sync on video chat.  I've used this webcam test site: http://mailvu.com/testCamera/TestYourWebCam.html and it plays back fine.  Everything is in sync.  I then go back to the chat site and it is out of sync.  I don't know if the chat site is bad.  Does Dell have a way for me to test my webcam?

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  • you can test your webcam with http://www.test-cam.com

  • Hi ScottVandermere,

    To check if the hard ware (webcam) is working fine, Please click on the below link:


    Under ‘Hardware’ from the listed components under ‘Diagnostic Selector’ select ‘Camera’ and then click on ‘Run Diagnostics’. Follow on screen instruction to run the test and reply to this post with the status to assist you further.

    Also click on the link below to trouble shoot the webcam:


     Revert for further queries.

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