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XPS L501X no duplicate mode with external monitor


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XPS L501X no duplicate mode with external monitor

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Dell XPS 15 (L501X) with integrated Intel(R) HD graphics and NVidia GT 420M, processor Intel i5 M460.

Connecting  a external monitor with HDMI ( Dell AW 22010 or LG M2280D-PZ ) works fine with “Extend” and  “Projector Only” but does not work in “Duplicate mode” I have no image on the external monitor. See the picture. There are only two displays, the laptop and a external monitor. The external monitor is on 3.  Any idea how to solve this?


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  • Same problem with i3 processor, NVIDIA GT420M GeForce graphics card while trying to connect to a full HD Sony Bravia LCD TV. When I select the duplicate display option, I get a message which reads something like 'This is not the optimal resolution for this mode. The recommended resolution is 800x600'. This message appears to come from the intel display properties app in the system tray. The display resolution was 1920x1080, switching to 800x600 is totally unacceptable, but it did not  duplicate the display with 800x600 resolution either Sad


    Any ideas? Thanks for your time.


  • Is it impossible connecting a second monitor on my Dell XPS  in duplicate mode?

    If so, is Dell working on it?

    Any ideas, DELL-Terry B  / DELL- Chris M


  • Before buying a Mini DisplayPort-VGA connecter, I want to know if the duplicate mode connecting a second monitor  using the mini display port  will work.  Any ideas ?

    Still  curious about the possibilities of a HDMI connection and duplicate mode ( see my earlier postings)

    Thanks for your time and answers


  • As far as I can see the duplicate problem is due to a conflict in de working of the hybrid graphics adapters. The  external monitor , the HDMI connector and the mini DispayPort connector  are controlled by the de NVidia adapter, the notebook display bij de Intel  HD graphics chip. This works correct  using the HDMI connection in case of the "extended  mode"  and the "projector only mode". In case of the" duplicate mode" (clone)  there is a conflict between  the 2 adapters.  See my picture in the first posting.  The Intel HD graphics adapter divides the laptop display in two displays and the NVidia adaptor detects a third monitor ( the external monitor ). Duplicating is impossible.  The two adapters don't  work together. I Need the duplicate mode in case of presentations. My  questions :

    1.   Is there a solution for the duplicate mode problem using HDMI?

    2.  If not, is Dell working on a solution ?

    3.  will duplicate mode work using the mini DisplayPort?

    Thanks in advance


  • Any news on resolving this issue? I've also got same problem, reported to Dell Support in Austria. They confirm the problem, but I haven't got any feedback of possible solutions yet.

  • Dell support told me: Duplicate mode will not work using a hdmi connection due to limitations of Optimus.

    I bought a miniDisplayPort to VGA adapter and the duplicate mode is working using the miniDisplayPort


  • Hello,

    Did you hear anything new from DELL about this problem. I have the exact same problem (no signal on HDTV in duplicate mode) but it's a no-go for me to use the miniDisplay port as my setup uses a HP Wireless TV device (through HDMI) to stream the 1080p image + sound to the HDTV wirelessly !

    Thanks in advance



  • Hi,


    latest i've got from support that this is limitation of Nvidia Optimus and can't be solved. I've bought several adapters (miniDP-HDMI, miniDP-VGA). With miniDP to HDMI adapter and strandard hdmi cable it was ok to start duplication on HDMI device (Samsung TV in my example). MiniDP to VGA is used by me to duplicate on monitor/beamer. Also there are miniDP to DVI cables available to duplication on DVI devices (some monitors only have DVI or VGA inputs)

    hopefully it helps,


  • Klusser, from your anwsers I understand that when using a miniDP-HDMI adapter duplication is working?

    What I dont understand, you write that the HDMI and MiniDP are controlled by the Nvidia chip but why does the minDP support duplication through the nvidia chip but not through hdmi? What is the differents between the hdmi and miniDP connection if both are controlled by the nvidia-chip?

  • Dell XPS L501x HDMI Problem with my laptop - i5, 4GB, 500GB GT420M L501x

    I cant get this laptop to display on my HD TV using HDMI

    Other laptops such as my wife's ACER etc will do so no problems, so its not the leads or the TV

    I thought that having the GT420M card would get me better graphics not more problems!!??!!

    The TV Displays about 3/4 of the screen with some cut off at top and to the sides

    The Laptop displays a distorted upper part of my wall paper

    What can be done? Anyone found any solutions?

  • I got the same problem and just solved it by chance. I don't know if it fits your problem, but you may have a try.

    Under your duplicate modem mode, go to the NVIDIA Control Panel, select  “set up multiple displays” under the “Displays” on the left. Then right-click on the icon that contains the number 1 and 2(as shown in the pic below), select "Duplicate displays(use 1 as source)". My problem has solved by this point.

    Hope it works for you.