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Dell DataSafe local backup upgrade


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Dell DataSafe local backup upgrade

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I got a screen asking me to upgrade Dell DataSafe Local Backup
The upgrade completed and it said click ok to restart computer,, which I did.
Then I got a screen in the lower right part of the screen.

Nothing I do gets rid of this screen. I tried left-click,right-click, up-arrow, down-arrow, moving it, rebooting. But nothing I do has any effect on this.
This screen overlays and obscures the right part of the notification area of the taskbar.
I want it to go away.

The screen I'm talking about looks like this:
Triangle and disk icon and the word "upgrade" at top of screen.


Upgrade to Dell DataSafe Local Bac
Your computer and its contents. It is
on your computer

Please choose one of the following
It seems like I'm not getting the whole screen.

Then,  before I could send this, another screen replaced this screen. I still am not getting th whole screen and can't make it go away. The second screen looks like this:
pic of triangle and disk

In the event of a critical hardware fa
to restore your system back to its or
Please choose one of the following


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  • Frankmin,

    I have developed the exact same problem with the Dell Data Safe pop up in the lower right of my screen. I have created System Restore Disks and rebooted the machine , but no success in getting the notice to go away.


    Has anyone figured a solution to this irritating issue?

    Breck M

  • Breck

    I''ve tried everything I know to get rid of this screen but nothing worked.. Have you tried contacting Dell directly through Dell Chat? That would be the next step.

    By the way, how do you create a system backup on DVDs?


  • I've tried everything I know of to get rid of that screen and nothing works. There must be more than the two of us who have this problem. Have you tried contacting Dell direct through Dell Chat? That would  be the next step.

    By the way, how do you create a systems backup in disks?


  • Same thing happened to me (who develops this stuff, anyway?). Anyway, I started the app by clicking (if I remember correctly) on the "Yes"). Then I clicked the "x" in the upper-right-hand corner, and the annoying window was gone. However, every time I rebooted, the same thing happened. So I navigated to the program itself (ends in .exe), right-clicked it and selected "properties'. Clicking on the tabs, I found one that allowed me to set "full control" for myself, though I'm not certain that this step was necessary. Then I went to Control Panel/Programs and uninstalled "Dell DataSafe Local Backup" and its companion program (it has a similar name). Then I rebooted. It's gone for good.

  • hi there evry one

    DID eny one find out how to solve this

    BIG problem ???


    Tongue Tied

  • Push Ctrl + Alt + Del to open Task Manager

    Go to processes and find Toaster.exe and end that process

    Then go to start and type in the search msconfig and hit enter

    Go to startup and look for Toaster.exe and uncheck it

    Click Apply and then Ok and then Restart

    The issue will be resolved

  • I tried the following and it looks hopeful: I opened Task Manager; highlighted PCAngel Taskbar Notifier; right clicked and picked properties. I choose Minimize and the pop-up disappeared! I choose Maximize and the pop-up showed up at the top right hand side of the screen - in all its completeness! I picked the drop down at the lower right of the dialogue and there was a choice of don't show me this again! So I picked! So I am now waiting for that devil to show up! I don't think it would!!

    It's been months and the nag has not returned

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