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Ati mobility Radeon HD 5470 video driver problems


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Ati mobility Radeon HD 5470 video driver problems

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I'm surprised that I have not come across this specific problem in these forums or in support. Ati 5470 driver has problems in 64 bit windows 7. There was problems with the original driver that caused the display to become unstable when coming out of sleep and was only alleviated after a forced reboot. The driver update offered by Dell fixed this problem only to cause a new one. Now, when in multiple monitor mode, the displays keep switching back and forth between the notebook display and the 2nd monitor which is a flat screen TV. Switching back to the older diver fixes this but has the previous problem again. The new Bios update (A09)  has helped slow down the process of the 2 problems mentioned, so that the switching occurs less frequently with the updated driver, and the driver instability is less violent with the old driver. Downloading the driver posted on the ATi website does not solve the problem.

I have even reinstalled the whole OS with no success.

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  • You should include your computer model in your post.

  • Sorry. Forgot.  computer laptop is a Dell Studio 1558. Video card is ATi 5470 with 1GB memory.


  • I installed the ATI driver update yesterday - and I have the same problem you reported on multiple monitors mode.

    Thanks anyway - DELL and ATI issue to fix

  • I am having a similar problem with the new Beta drivers for the Alienware 17xR2. If it goes into sleep mode i cannot get out of it and i am forced to restart. I know the drivers are in beta, but ATIs new drivers have been out for a few months now and i would like them on my Alienware for the improved performance and options.!!




  • Looks like the updated driver does NOT fix the problem with computer driver instability after coming out of sleep mode. It just took longer to happen and this time the "blue screen" appeared with the warning that the computer will shut down to avoid damage to the computer. Better to stay with the older driver for now.

    I suspect, by looking at the logs that it may be a windows 7 problem as it does not give the Ati software access to save some kind of changes...

    Below is what I copied and pasted from the ACE Event log:

    0000000014: 2010-09-16 02:29:09:712    Exception <Saving Xml Document>: Access to the path 'C:\ProgramData\ATI\ACE\Profiles.xml' is denied.
     Exception  Called by: ATI.ACE.APM.Server.XmlDocumentSaver::SaverWorker                                                 processID:03808 threadID:(                ) domainName:(CCC.exe                    ) assemblyName:(APM.Server, Version=2.0.3674.15984, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=90ba9c70f846762e)

    there are many other error codes in this log if you feel like checking it out, but this is the last one after coming out of sleep.

    Maybe thats what causes the instability, who knows? I'm no expert. All windows can suggest  after uploading error logs is to update the driver. Tried that.

    Next suggestion. Maybe fix the permission problems? UAC problem? Too soon to go 64 bit?

  • Hi, I have the same problem, a Dell Studio 1558 with Windows 7 64 bit and ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470. When the system becomes unstable (after coming out of sleep mode, but also after long periods of use) it crashes in various situations: when trying to load a video on YouTube, when trying to play with Mahjong Titans or even during normal internet browsing, but there may be many others cases I haven't found out yet. A popup from the OS tells me that video driver has been automatically restored because it had stopped to work, then after few moments the blue screen with the warning about the automatic shutdown. I "solve" this by restarting Windows as i see the popup. Most recent ATI drivers released on 8/25/2010, version 10.8, solved only one of the bugs that affects this particular Dell configuration(mouse pointer that becomes big at random), but NOT the instability. I wonder how long we'll have to wait for a fix.

  • FYI

    Dell has posted a new bios update (A10) which I installed and then after installing the newer driver again the sleep mode problem has not recurred again (yet) and the pointer stays the same size.

    The AV attachment problem in multiple monitor mode still exists and the screens keep switching back and forth. In extended monitor mode it switches back to double monitors after a minute or so and then starts switching back and forth. Less frequently then before. I bought an HDMI cable and attached it. it has no problem in multiple monitors that way and works great.

  • I have the Studio 1558 with ATI Radeon HD 5470 and Windows 7 64. 

    I updated the bios to A10 and downloaded to latest ati driver, but I just got the bsd when I was watching a youtube video. What a pain!  I've had this system for 6 months and from day 1 it has given me problems. I've clean installed everything once already.

  • I thought the Bios update had fixed the video crash problem after coming out of sleep or hibernation, but it has not. In fact it has gotten much worse. Before the system would try to recover but now it's so bad that the computer shuts down suddenly to protect the computer (on my system anyway). The crash just  took much longer to happen after coming out of sleep or hibernation. Multiple monitor problem still exists, but not with HDMI. problem with HDMI is you cant use earphones.

    The only answer seems to be to restart the computer after sleep. I don't see any Dell support experts making any suggestions here...(?)

  • make sure you have installed the  new ATI Update 10.9 and then Vbios (R281544) . BUT remember the bios update is for the HD5870 ONLY!

  • Where did you get a Video bios (vbios) update 10.9? The latest is 10.8 on the ATi website, which I tried with no success. Anyway, ATi recommends using only the computer manufacturers recommended driver which is 8.692.1.0 revision A17 on the Dell website.
    Why are you mentioning the ATi update for the HD5870? this post is about the HD5470. What exactly are you saying?  That the two drivers should be installed one after the other?

  • All

    I am having same issues, with a 1558 and HD5470.

    Blue screens on regular basis(pointer out of sleepmode) + screen goes black when opening video-links.

    Motherboard has been changed by dell in the mean time, bios updates, ati updates, complete re-installation, but nothing helps.

    Anyone an idea?


  • The latest Bios update A11 posted October 15th 2010 seems to have fixed the video crash after coming out of sleep mode. No crash so far after a few days. Smile Multiple monitor mode with AV still switches back and forth. HDMI multiple monitor mode works fine.

  • I to have the same issue. When the computer comes out of sleep, I either experience one of two things. Either you will be randomly on the computer, I believe when Flash is used, and the mouse will become enlarged. The other thing that happens is that the computer locks up and than goes to a black screen and back to the desktop but very slow and unresponsive to the point where you have to hold the power button to reset. I have a Studio 1558 with 5470 ATI.