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No video input until Windows login using docking station and external monitors (DVI)

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I have a  DELL Latitude Laptop connected to a docking station.  I have two external monitors (DELL) connected to that docking station (DVI).  The laptop's monitor is closed because I only want video input on my external monitors.

Using that configuration, I don't have any input until Windows login screen.  I can't see bios post or anything that happens before Windows login screen.  

I checked for any setting in the bios without luck.

Any help would be appreciate.


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  • The problem is still unresolved and you can find many threads here describing it. The problem is apparently in nVidia GPU that activates too late to be able to display POST and/or pre-boot logon screens which are served by built-in Intell Graphics. Unfortunately Intel Graphics is unable to serve DP or DVI...