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Studio XPS 16 + DisplayPort + Dell 27" U2711

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I've had my Studio XPS 16 since August and quite enjoy it. About 2 weeks ago I purchased a new 27" Dell U2711 LCD to use with it. Long story short, hasn't worked yet. The DisplayPort on the laptop will not drive the U2711 at the optimum resolution of 2560x1440. It works at 1920x1080 but that's not really what I paid $1100 for LCD to do. I've tried the LCD with a Mac using DVI and it works fine at 2560x1440. I was told the DispalyPort on the laptop supported resolutions up to 2560x1600.

My question... Has anyone got the DisplayPort to work at a resolution above 1920? I've spoken with Dell support 5 or 6 times now, each time they a new solution to this problem that never works. I don't want to send this LCD back, but if it doesn't work with my PC I just can't justify the cost.. Dell wants me to test the DisplayPort on the LCD with another device but I don't have anything else with DisplayPort. I have tried using a DisplayPort to Dual Link DVI adapter and that also did not work.

Thanks for any advice.

Specs on the laptop, 8GB RAM, Radeon HD 4670 with the RGB LED screen, Core 2 Duo @ 2,66GHz

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  • I'm running the U2711 at full resolution using DisplayPort out of a Radeon 5770 card.

  • I have got exactly the same issue with my XPS M1530 laptop.

    I can see the picture on U2711 for a couple of seconds when configuring screen modes on the laptop and then the monitor goes blank again.

    jimg72, any news on how to solve this?

  • I'm having the exact same problem; my Studio XPS 16 won't run the U2711 at 2560 x 1440. I have no problems running the monitor at max resolution on the ATI 5970 or NVIDIA 470. Is Dell going to fix this, or should I exchange the monitor for one with a 1080p resolution (U2410?). 

  • I'm having the exact same problem. Got a Dell 27" U2711 yesterday and it will not get over 1920x1200 via DisplayPort on my Dell Studio XPS 1640 with a 1GB ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4670 graphics card (1x VGA, 1x HDMI, 1x DisplayPort).

    I recorded a clip with my iPhone showing what happens when I choose above 1920x1200:

    I have tried every possible cable/connection and my max resolutions was:

    VGA-VGA: 2048x1152 (looks really bad, blurry)
    DVI-HDMI: 1920x1080
    HDMI-HDMI: 1920x1080
    DisplayPort-DisplayPort: 1920x1200

    This issue needs to be adressed and fixed by Dell now. When I bought my Dell Studio XPS 16 I talked with a sales rep (which confirmed:) and looked at specification which clearly stated it would run an external monitor up to 2560x1600 via DisplayPort and was one of the reasons I bought it so I could get a 27"+.

  • I have the same problem - frustrating ... The monitor keeps going off line. It was there a few second, and not there the next, and so on. I am also using the Display Port.

    BUT I can use the U2711 at 2560x1440 with no problem with the newer XPS1645 with a Radeon 5730 with no problem. I have 1GB of RAM in both the Radeon 4670 in the XPS1640 laptop and the Radeon 5730 in the XPS1645 laptop. But one works and the other doesn't.

    I will contact Dell as well. But if anyone has any other suggestions or success - or if Dell is monitoring these forums, please let all of us know. As everyone here indicated, we didn't spend money for a 27" digital monitor to run at an inferior resolution via VGA.

  • I desperately wanted to get the U2711 monitor, however because I had already read the previous threads above, I did not want to get stuck with a monitor operating at lower than its native resolution.  So I have been chasing different Dell support staff for a definitive answer on what the Dell Studio 1640 XPS with the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4670 display adaptor will produce resolution wise.  So far I have asked a Sales Support Rep in the Monitor area and two Technical Support Reps to check it out.  The one last night spent over 2 hours on the phone trying to get the information and spoke to her boss and the sales area in trying to help.

    In the end her best advice was VGA & HDMI will be at 1920 x 1080 and she cannot find out definitive information on the Displayport resolution.  She did point to the ATI website where it states teh 4600 series of display adaptors do produce 4560 x 1440, but I pointed out that the Dell 1645 will apparently do it with the 4670 display adaptor and then I pointed her to this Forum thread and that gave her more information than she was able to find anywhere else. In the end she could not answer this question with any confidence.  Fancy Dell rellying on a forum to tell them something.  They offered to research the best monitor for the 1640 and let me know by email.  Dead silence so far.

    So I can only assume the 1640 will definitely support 1920 x 1080.  But an earlier post here claimed 1920 x 1200.  If that is right then the U2410 monitor will be at native resolution but if that post is wrong then even that monitor will not be at native resolution on a Studio 1640.

    Can anyone else with a 1640 and 4670 display adapter confirm the maximum resolution they can achieve through their Displayport.  I mean, actually achieve, (because there is a lot of incorrect assumptions coming out of Dell) not just believe they can achieve?

  • Correction to the second sentance in the second paragraph in previous post where I stated a 4650 x 1440 resolution.  That would have been a strange width screen.  It should read as below:

    She did point to the ATI website where it states teh 4600 series of display adaptors do produce 2560 x 1440, but I pointed out that the Dell 1645 will apparently do it with the 4670 display adaptor and then I pointed her to this Forum thread and that gave her more information than she was able to find anywhere else.

  • i've got the same issue, but using a Latitude E4300, dell docking station and a U2711.  Despite updating the graphic drivers (from Dell) which I understood gave me 2560x1440 and using the monitor drivers, I still can't get over 1680 x 1080.

    Dell or anyone else - any news?

  • I have compromised.

    I went to Harris Technology in Sydney who sell Dell monitors and tested my Dell Studio 1640 XPS laptop on the range of Ultrasharp monitors.  I found the U2711 would only work at 1920 x 1080 but the U2410 (24 inch) would operate at 1920 x 1200 but only if connected via the DisplayPort.  So that is what I ended up buying.  It works very well and matches closely the output from the laptop's 1920 x 1080 screen.

    So in my case the Graphics Card and the DisplayPort are the limiting components.  If I had purchased the next model Studio XPS laptop it would have operated the U2711 at full resolution but this laptop cannot support any more than 1920 x 1200.

  • I wish I read this earlier. OI\\I'm on an Studio 16 XPS trying to do the same thing with my ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3670. When I bought it, it was the best available graphics card. It appears my max resolution is 1920x1080... My work laptop is a MacBook Pro, and works flawlessly. This really says something about Dell here.

    Can I even swap out for a new video card on my XPS to get this to work? Very frustrating after spending that much money on a new monitor.

  • I spent 2h 20min on the phone. They escalated 3 times and eventually ended up talking to the team of engineers responsible for creating the XPS 1640 (because apparently this was an unheard of issue). The rep basically told me there is a firmware restriction on the output of the computer and will not support the monitor at full resolution regardless of upgrading the GPU. The restriction is applied for battery and performance issues.

    I let them know that I recommend dell to my friends since I love my XPS16 and until finding this new issue out, have had no problems and have been extremely satisfied. This leaves a bad taste in my mouth and the only reason I'll keep the monitor is because i use a macbook pro for work (work from home, company laptop) and it works flawlessly.

    Basically Dell is saying, don't buy Dell computers to work with Dell monitors by implementing this restriction at the firmware level.

  • Hello,

    i had the same problem with my Studio XPS 1640 (ATI HD4670) - but i solved it after some hours. I tried first with every possible connection, VGA (blurry, max.:2048p), HDMI (first just 1080p), Displayport (flackerd picture)

    The solution: You connect the display with HDMI (I think it must be 1.3 cable) and create a custom resolution with "Powerstrip". After you've create the resolution you can erase the program, so you don't need to purchase it.

    Just download the program (, install it and use google to find the way how it works to create the custom resolution. (It's a little hiden, but i'm not in the mood to write a step by step instruction - i also need to figure it out by myself)  Just make sure you choose the right graphic card, it's signed with ATI Radeon ...2 - the other "card" is the installed screen

    in addition you can see the proval ;)

  • Hi everyone,

    I have read these posts with interest and as research before i purchases the Dell 27" U2711. I have also called up Dell who apparently were aware of the issue and said it was resolved through a driver update. So i went ahead, updated all the drivers on my computer, a:

    Dell Studio XPS 16(N00X1604)
    1GB ATI® Radeon™ HD 4670 graphics card

    and bought the screen. I was told by Dell that the display port would connect to my machine and display the maximum resolution of 2560 x 1440. When i do this however i get the screen showing my desktop for a split secon and with red/green/yellow lines running down in the middle before the screen goes all black and doesnt display anything anymore. Occasionally the dektop comes back on for a split second again before dissapearing.

    Via VGA cable the screen connects perfectly and displays the resolution of 2048x1152 which is far from ideal (and all pixelated). 

    Dell say they want to replace the screen for free as it might be damaged (great on paper, hassle in reality as i am also unsure this will solve the problem)

    Has anyone of you encountered this problem before? What is the solution? (i havent yet attempted the solution proposed by Otto here above but will try shortly). Any feedback greatly appreciated, many thanks,


    1GB ATI® Radeon™ HD 4670 graphics card
  • There is no diver update. I've updated my drivers and talked to dell. The XPS engineers blocked it on the firmware level. Also, I was completely unable to write the custom driver as described by Otto. I've decided that my next computer will NOT be a Dell. Probably a MacBook Pro with Win7 + Lion on boot camp.

  • So you mean to say there is no way of connecting a Studio XPS 16 as described above with this screen?

    i really thought this issue had been resolved!!? (and so i was told by Dell!!)