M6500 freezes with black or a full bluescreen


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M6500 freezes with black or a full bluescreen

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Hi all,

I just got my new m6500 with an ati firepro m7740

When i run the performance test of windows 7 or a 3d benchmark it i get a (full) blue screen or black and my laptop freezes up.

I updated the (to the latest) drivers and updated the bios I even reinstalled windows 7 but still the same thing happens,

The weird thing is that with the diagnostics test(also the extended one) I get no errors? The only events i can find is 2 from ati these are:

Eventid: 52236  CPLIB General invalid Parameter

Eventid: 43029 DAL Display is not active

I mailed dell support but I havent got an answer yet, anyone got a clue what this could be?

 Update: Now randomly i get a blackscreen or just a freeze =S Can it be that it is a power or heating problem?

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