M6500 freezes with black or a full bluescreen


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M6500 freezes with black or a full bluescreen

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Hi all,

I just got my new m6500 with an ati firepro m7740

When i run the performance test of windows 7 or a 3d benchmark it i get a (full) blue screen or black and my laptop freezes up.

I updated the (to the latest) drivers and updated the bios I even reinstalled windows 7 but still the same thing happens,

The weird thing is that with the diagnostics test(also the extended one) I get no errors? The only events i can find is 2 from ati these are:

Eventid: 52236  CPLIB General invalid Parameter

Eventid: 43029 DAL Display is not active

I mailed dell support but I havent got an answer yet, anyone got a clue what this could be?

 Update: Now randomly i get a blackscreen or just a freeze =S Can it be that it is a power or heating problem?

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  • Have you tried the drivers from the ATI site itself?   Others, in different threads, have mentioned that there have been issues with drivers lately and ATI supposedly has some newer drivers in Beta that are helping other people with freezing / locking up.    Some people also mention issues with Flash but that doesn't seem to be the problem on your system from what you list.

  • Hi,

    Have you tried to disbale the Cyberlink Resident that loads at start-up ? (use msconfig for this).

    Several users of M6500 have reported it to cause total freeze of the system.

    Problem disapeared as soon as the Cyblerlink resident was no longer loaded

    Hope this helps.

    Kind Regads,



    Martidi aka Brhume

  • Hi
    Sorry but join the club ! you are not on your own.

  • I solved the black screen problem on the Dell M6500!!! 5/28/2014.

    After reading all the Dell support customer forum posts (50 pages) under “M6500 freeze”, the black screen problem appears to be the 230 watt AC adapter is providing a false overheating signal to the video card that causes a video card overheating shut off. This only happens when plugged in, no black outs when on battery power.

    A. Plug in AC and charge battery 100%

    B. Unplug AC

    C. Boot up on battery power only.

    Solution: Based on Dell forum info, I Google searched and downloaded NVIDIA power mizer manager software and installed it. Run software. There are three settings.

    1. selected medium range,

    2. select medium range,

    3. Disable overheat power shut off

    4. Save and reboot.

    No more screen black outs after this fix.

    Safe to plug in AC now.

    I am running temp monitor software. The video card temps range from 54c to 59c. Video cards are rated to take 100c before overheating.


  • Great find! My M6500 is over 4 years old now. I was having the same problem, but had it "fixed" under warranty years ago and it was running great since--still a monster.

    Then a month ago I needed a new battery when the old one would not hold a charge. Black screens came back. DRAT!

    Saw your post and all became clear. Once my battery was weakened with age, it just wasn't capable of generating the overheating problems.

    Thanks for the inspiration!