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XPS M1530 display brightness problems after repair


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XPS M1530 display brightness problems after repair

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My XPS 1530 has recently had a change to the LCD screen after the original was ruined with water. It took some time to find a compatible screen, but now two effects are apparent:

1. On boot up the 'DOS' screen is very elongated horizontally, but seems to work OK in Windows.

2. The screen is dark and if 'FN' + uparrow is used to brighten it, it increases to about 70% but after that gets darker again.


Have tried all controls I can find but all have same effect.

It looks to me like a display bios problem

If the display bios is the problem, how do I match the bios to the screen?

If the bios is not the problem - what is it?



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  • Wow - that's exactly what's happened to me.   I thought I must have damaged the inverter while transferring it to the new screen.   Did you ever figure out a solution?

  • Was the replacement the exact same part as the original?  Changing models of screen to one not supported by the system - or changing from a model with an ambient light sensor to one without (or vice versa) can produce what you're describing.


  • I ordered from Bliss Computers - all that was available was the fact that it was a WSXGA+ Glossy 15.4" replacement for the Dell XPS M1530.   The part numbers are not the same.  The old is LP154WE2 15.4 WSXGA+, the new (as far as I can tell) is N154Z1-L01, but it also says "compatible with JV-23A45L-JV.   So clearly not the same.   Also, the bios says "unknown panel" in the setup.   It leads me to believe that maybe if I could load the right 'driver' for the bios that it may resolve it?   Or is it back to Bliss Computers?

    Thanks for the response.

  • In order to work properly, the panel has to be recognized by the system BIOS.   If you don't have the latest BIOS, try upgrading -- if you do, and the panel still shows as unknown, it's never going to work -- send it back.


  • This is exactly what is happening to my monitor as well, however, mine is the same exact model replacement, but it is rev. c2 instead of the original being rev c1.  Any suggestions on how to get BIOS to recognize the new model?  

  • There probably is no way.  The BIOS table recognizes only those screens Wistron used when it built the systems for Dell.