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usb to s video output adapter


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usb to s video output adapter

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I have a dell inspirion 1545 laptop.  I have a projector 75 feet away with a high quality s video cable running to it.  I can connect a dvd player or a cable signal using the 75 ft. s video cable and have great reception at the project.  I tried to connect a 75 foot vga cable to the dell 1545 and it blanks my screen on the laptop.  I'm sure the signal is not strong enough.  I would like to know what adapter I could get to usb out of the laptop to convert to s video  and would it work using a 75 ft s video cable run to the projector.

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  • usb to s-video ?????  ain't gonna happen

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  • HI, one of the reasons that your screen goes blank is that the laptop is transferring the desktop to the svideo output but your projector is not recognizing the feed, you may need to go into screen settings or if you have on your keyboard a F key that will allow you to switch between the 2, use that to try and make any adjustments that are necessary,