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Windows 7 and XPS MX1300 WXGA TrueLife Monitor


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Windows 7 and XPS MX1300 WXGA TrueLife Monitor

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So, I up-graded to Windows 7 32-bit Home Premium. Before doing so, I up-dated the Video driver to Intel 965 Chipset as recommended.

Following the up-grade, I have lost the brightness functionality of the display; in fact, at anything less than full brightness the display flickers. At the recommended brightness levels the screen is virtually black (It's just possible to detect a faint display). The Device Manager says the the monitor is a Generic PnP monitor, which I find hard to believe.

I seem to remember that under Vista I was using an nVidea driver. But my paper documentation says that the card is Intel as does the Set-Up information (F2 at startup). I am nervous about installing the nVidea driver over the Intel chipset.

Is there a monitor driver for the WXGA TrueLife Monitor?

Can I install the nVidea driver?

Any ideas would be helpful.

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  • You can't use an nVidia driver on your Intel video chip - and if you had the nVIdia chip, it likely would have failed by now, so you'd know that's what you had.

    Nor do notebook LCDs use drivers - generic PnP screen is correct. 

    What does the image look like on an external display?


  • Thanks. I'm glad I asked before I did something stupid.

    External monitor works fine through the Fn-F8 command using Intel Dual Display clone in the Intel software. But the brightness problem is the same (or perhaps even worse.

    I'm not sure that the brightness problem isn't related to the new Intel Driver. I did not test it before converting to Windows 7. I noticed the problem when the power settings dimmed the display after I installed W7 and was running a virus scan: - in fact dimmed to almost complete darkness which created some panic.

    My current work-around is not to use dimming in the power options, and to set the brightness in the power options to maximum.

  • Fn-Arrow down brightness on the external monitor has no effect, but I assume that this is normal.