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Inspiron 6400 : driver windows 7 for radeon x1400


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Inspiron 6400 : driver windows 7 for radeon x1400

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I just installed windows 7 on my laptop (inspiron 6400/x86). But I have a problem updating my grpahic card. I don't seem to find any functionnal driver for it.
Dell only offers up to vista, but not windows 7. Same thing on ATI's web site...

Any idea how to find a solution here, I'm a bit lost?


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    This site has the mod tool which can get ur drivers for X1400 mobility on windows 7.

    Download the legacy drivers from here, start installation till it extracts the files, and then cancel the real installation part.

    Install the mod tool and run it, point it to the location (usually C:\Ati\support...) and hit the mod button. Wait till it displays the progress and completion. now go to tht folder where you extracted (and modified) the drivers and run setup.exe

    It should work.


    I had X1300 and this worked just fine for me. 

  • You might have Intel Graphics on your I 6400 that might need to be updated. Did you run the Win 7 Upgrade Advisor? Try that to see what suggestions MS has for your card.

  • Hey gbbg,


    Would the same thing work for me? I upgraded from an X1300 to X1400 on an E1505, XP Media Center edition.and now have a screen flicker.



  • Hmmm, may be.. if you can get drivers for X1400 and mod it with the tool above, you might get it to work.

  • @ gbbg

    Is that a feasible solution?! Sorry for asking this, because I found myself deceived after adopting many such tries. Just for ensuring I ask this and previous tries led me to reboot the whole laptop!


    Have you found your windows7 in your laptop after patching the trick? :)

    Reply asap :)


    Thanks in advance..,

    Swaminathan J

  • Hi SWANI 123,

    Not sure to quite understand your question, so don't hesitate to correct me if I'm wrong...

    If it worked? the answer is "YES".

    I'm real glad about it. I have no problem since then.

    I might test the Win 7 Upgrade Advisor as Mary G asuggested just to see.