Dell Webcam Central & Windows 7 (The Windows 7 Version Of The Dell Webcam Central Program)


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Dell Webcam Central & Windows 7 (The Windows 7 Version Of The Dell Webcam Central Program)

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Simply put, could somebody please post a link to the GENUINE Dell Webcam Central software for Windows 7, where ever it is on the Dell Drivers Website?

I don't mean some hokey, 3rd rate Vista (or earlier) version of the program, but rather the true 32-bit OEM Windows 7 version that Creative Labs developed specifically for Dell notebooks and netbooks (and please don't refer me to the "Application" CD which came with the computer, because it's nowhere to be found).

Dell has been selling notebooks with the Creative Labs integrated Webcam and the Windows 7 operating system for a good couple of months now, and I know they would not have included the old Vista (or even XP) drivers for use with Microsoft's newest operating system.

I have looked high & low and read just about every post I can get my eyeballs on, but everybody seems to advise loading the old, outdated Vista or XP drivers rather then the new Windows 7 ones, which obviously had to have shipped with the computer, since it had Windows 7 on it from the get-go (and I'm not talking about the "upgraded after-the-fact" scenario, either).

So just a link, please, to the OEM Dell Creative Labs Webcam Central program for Windows 7.

It can't be that big a deal...

P.S.  I also need the Windows 7 Hauppauge TV tuner drivers (the whole lot of them) for an Inspiron Mini; they have to be out there somewhere, as well.

I would obviously prefer the Dell OEM version, but I DO NOT want (and will not use) the old Vista or XP versions, which seem to be available all over the place on this Website; I only want the true "made-for-Windows 7" stuff.

Thank you.

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  • There is no Dell Webcam Central for Win7.

    When you check on the Dell/ Win7 page under Software compatibility, it's not there. Not to mention it's just not going to work. The webcam is fine, the software is not. Until Creative Labs coughs one up. Then Dell can post it up on the Drivers & Downloads page.

    As far as your comment about drivers, Dell Webcam Central is an application, not a driver. The webcam has full native driver support under Windows and works on a number of machines (mine being a Latitude E6400 and a Precision M6400, Win7 64bit both). The issue is not the webcam itself... it's that Creative Labs has yet to re-build the application for Windows 7.

    For "True made for Windows 7 stuff, Dell does not right the drivers or apps. They get them from OEM vendors of the apps/ hardware, so until THOSE companies get it together and create it, it's not there.

  • So , we dont have a solution to this problem?????

    Who is responsable of this software problem?

  • If you have the Dell Webcam disk, then try installing the drivers and software form it first. If you do not have the disk, are the origional owner and live in the United States, then click below my signature and request a backup set of disks.


    You can also go to Drivers & Downloads, enter your service tag number. Under input devices, You'll see tw Webcam drivers. If they're not there, then try the vista drivers. If they are there, they probably the Vista drivers. Try installing the drivers in the compatibility mode.


    Right click on the drivers file, left click properties, left click compatibility. Change the compatibility to Vista. Then right click on the drivers, left click run as administrator.



    What is a Dell Service Tag and how do I locate it? 



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  • My cam works fine, my problem is that "DELL WEBCAM CENTRAL SOFTWARE" doesnt run with my msn or skype as it does in other inspiron.

  • pilsen1975,


    I don't know much about the webcam. I have used mione with Yahoo with no problems.


    Do you see the webacm software load, near the clock, when you start your computer?





    What is a Dell Service Tag and how do I locate it? 



    Original poster, If you have solved your problem, can you please mark the correct thread(s) with your solution. Thanks 

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  • No i dont see it. I thnk that the program must run in MINI MODE but that doesnt happen with my computer. i tryed to run the driver with vista and xp compatibility and also the software but still doesn work. If i dont start a video conference the program works but if i start video on msn doesn work.

  • Again, the camera works fine.

    As I said in my first response, this is on Creative Labs. Their cam hardware, their cam drivers, their cam application. When they write Win7 compatible apps, then Dell can post it for download. Dell can't provide what Creative Labs won't give them.

  • I have a Studio 1558 with windows 7 pro which I reloaded and lost webcam functionality.

    I just spent an hour with Dell technical support and they were able to fix the problem.  Here are the steps they took.

    Verified that device manager recognized the camera.

    Then uninstalled the camera.

    Allow the device manager to search for new devices, it recognized the camera and reinstalled.

    Downloaded a new version of Dell Webcam manager.  I had an older version which is now unsupported.

    The new version can be found here.

    Hope this helps.


  • Pwilly, thanks a million.  The upgraded Dell Webcam application worked like a charm on my Studio 1537!   In my case I did not have to uninstall the Webcam Driver.  The driver worked aok with other applications, just not with Dell's Webcam apps under Windows 7.  Depending on which Dell Webcam App version I tried, it either advised that no supported webcam driver could be found, or that the webcam might be busy with another application.

    I tried to get help thru Dell Tech Support Chat, their answer was.....  "as there is change in the basic operating system from all this sot ware queries will be handles by the specialized support which is Dell Solution Station and they will now take care of your query. Dell Solution Station charges a nominal fee."

  • I have a Dell Studio 1558 with Windows 7 64 bit and was having problems with the webcam, where everything was saying "No supported webcam" or similar. To get the webcam working for either Dell Webcam Central or the FastAccess Facial Recognition software, I had to update the face recognition software. This completely fixed the problem.

    To update FastAccess, go into the Start Menu, then All Programs, then the FastAccess Facial Recognition Folder, select "Configure FastAccess" and then click on Advanced and "Check for Updates".

    When I did that it downloaded an update and after I restarted the computer picked up the webcam for the face recognition login software and now when I run Dell Webcam Central it automatically disables FastAccess, saying "Face recognition has been temporarily disabled by another application. You may be required to use your password for any login activities." After quitting from Dell Webcam Central, FastAccess says "Face recognition has now resumed."

  • I think this solution should work for either Windows 7 32 or 64 bit since I'm running 64 bit and the software seems to be 32 bit but working.

  • No software Dell Webcam Center (its noobware, you can work without it) but you can still get your webcam working. Here's how to get Studio 15 webcam working with Windows 7




  • that does not fix my webcam problem

  • It helps to describe what your problem is.

    If your problem is with software apart from the preinstalled face recognition or webcam studio, then you simply have to disable the face recognition software temporarily. There is an icon on the bottom right of the screen in the notification area - it looks like a green or yellow stylised F - that you right click on and select "Temporarily disable Fast Access". At worst you can do a CTRL-ALT-DEL and go to task manager and quit the program. After this, the face recognition software won't be grabbing the webcam and you can use Skype etc no problems.

    As a last resort, simply uninstall the Face Access software.

  • I have the studio 1537, after upgrading ti windows 7 premium 64 bit, the webcam does not. The webcam does not even show in the device manager. I have tried various fixes listed here and around the internet and have been unsuccessful.