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Display port to HDMI - Latitude E6400

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I was wondering whether the display port connector on the E6400 is capable of passing a HDMI signal through the DisplayPort jack.  The reason I ask this is because some devices are not capable of doing this and as result, need a more expensive adapter that can convert the signal.  Reason being is that I want to buy a DiplayPort to HDMI Cable, and not simply an adapter, or the more expensive converters.




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  • Hi,

    Did you manage to solve the problem? I've also e6400, and i can't connect it to my LG fullHD tv (32LG5700). I've bought one DELOCK DisplayPort to HDMI adapter, and a standard HDMI cable. My TV sais 'no input' ... I really don't know what can be wrong in this. It looks that the laptop and the tv does not recognize the connection... If I tick the extend desktop to secondary monitor, then apply, my laptop screen flashes once, but nothing happens. The tickbox goes back to unchecked... the same effect if you'd like to enable secondary monitor without a device connected to vga port...

  • Yea, I actually solved the problem.  I bought a single cable, DisplayPort to HDMI, male on both ends from monoprice.com, link below.  I have read that some older TV's may have issues.  Essentially the reason you don't need a converter box, and just a cable is because the HDMI type signal is capable of being passed through the DisplayPort on the laptop.  I just plugged it in and it worked on my 1080p Sony rear projection TV.  On a related note, I would recommend this store for all cables, their cables are high quality and easily cheaper than any cables you would find in store.  Also I had some problems driving the laptop monitor at 1280x800 and the TV at 1080p at the same time, I think DisplayPort bandwidth is lower than HDMI bandwidth.  So just run single monitor output  at 1080p.



  • Hi,

    Thanks for the answer. Do you think that this cable would solve the problem? I can't really see the difference...

    I'm using this:


    and a HAMA hdmi cable.

    And this is my TV:


    And I'm pretty sure, that the physical connection itself is not OK, since my laptop does not let me enable the secondary monitor. Likewise if you'd like to set the external display without real device connected to any port.


  • I don't really see why it would prevent it.  Although what video card does your laptop have.  Mine has the integrated Intel video card, having the Nvidia card may require other things.  Additionally, are your drivers up to date because that could cause certain issues.  Other than that I don't know what it really could be.

  • Hi,

    I have the same problem (connecting dell e6400 with my LG 42PQ6000), but my graphic card is also integrated Intel video (Intel®  Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD). My OS is Windows 7 Ultimate. TV shows only the 'no signal' message. Tried to mess with win display option but no result. I try to connect my PC with other TV-s (in store where I bought the TV) and see, if some TV-s give me positive result. If not, then it is possible, that the DP-HDMI cable is faulty.



  • Hi,

    Pls share the results with us! (and if you have the change to try on LG 32LG5700, pls do it for me :-)

    Btw I've done a small test with my dp-hdmi adapter:

    DisplayPort - HDMI adater -> Hama HDMI cable -> HDMI - DVI adapter -> External monitor.

    It works fine, so I think, my dp-hdmi adapter must be ok. I'm afraid the only thing what is left is the TV :(

    (meawhile I've upgraded to latest intel video driver but haven't tried it out so far. will let you know the results)


  • Well my problem was related with my DP->HDMI cable (this is no adapter, but in-one-piece-cable: http://www.deltaco.se/?itemid=%28DP-3020%29). This cable just refused to work between Dell's DP and HDMI. At home I have tried everything: with Vista & Win7, up-to-date chipset & display drivers and with different setting. So I did test this cable in store with many Plasma & LCD TV-s and none of them worked.

    At this point I knew for certain that the cable was faulty. So I switched this cable for an DP to HDMI adapter + HDMI cable (both from same company): http://www.deltaco.se/?itemid=(DP-HDMI). And this didn't work also. So the cable was not broken? I was starting to suspect my laptop's hardware (DP port or graphic card) and software (drivers and some other incompatibilities) in my problems.

    As confused as I was, I went to Dell official store and I gave there one more try - they had an adapter from DP to DVI (quick google gave me this with pictures: http://forum.lowyat.net/topic/1274490). We connected my laptop to Dell monitor through DVI port with this adapter and it worked instantly! So this says to me that my laptop handled data through DP just fine. They had also some Samsung LCD TV mounted to the wall. I really wanted to test my laptop against TV, so they searched for connector for HDMI (they didn't have any direct link from DP to HDMI at store, so we needed some connector from DVI to HDMI) and found some ATI product (no identificator was found on it, so I can't say any details about it; i bet it did come with some ATI graphic card). So we connected the TV as following: Displayport - DVI adapter -> DVI - HDMI connector -> HDMI cable -> TV HDMI port. This worked also instantly!

    The moral of this story is to use Dell official cables and/or adapters if Dell computer/laptop is used and Displayport is related somehow. From my experience, this could save alot of time, money and nerves :)

  • I'm not convinced... not conviced at all...

    I'll try to go to a dell shop here in hungary as well and test this solution.

    This Delock what I have works perfectly if I put an HDMI-DVI adapter at the end of my hdmi cable and connect it to a dvi input.



    I was thinkin to buy this DELL one, but i'm bit angry now, so do not want to spend a singel coin, until i'm sure that it will do the trick...




  • This could be the problem of TV but I can't say for sure. You have to try this cable with some other TV (straight to HDMI port). 

    If you go to a dell shop, you can try out the Dell DP->HDMI adapter before you buy it. The connection that I described in my last reply (through an DVI connector) was done because there was no DP to HDMI adapter in shop at the moment - it was done just for testing (to be sure that my laptop outputs the digital signal correctly through Displayport). When I found out that my laptop was ok, I ordered the Dell DP to HDMI adapter and returned both the adapter and cable from deltaco.

    So at home I connect my TV as following: DP - HDMI adapter -> HDMI cable -> TV HDMI port

    I don't believe, that the deltaco adapter and cable were both broken (the probability is just so down for this to occur). But I can't verify it also, because I don't have any other devices to test it. As I see it, some products manufactured by others than Dell just may not work with each other.

  • Were you able to pass audio as well to your TV with the displayport?

  • I haven't tried it yet.

  • Hi

    Do you think I can play a movie that I have on my e6400 on my TV with such a cable?

  • Hi,

    I have a E6400 and can confirm that the laptop can pass signals to HDMI TV. I have simple DisplayPort to HDMI adaptor and that passes video and audio to my HDMI input on my TouchSmart 600. I have also tested a DVI-HDMI cable made by Belkin which I got from the Apple Store, suprisingly this also passed through audio, this is through the E6400 docking station.

    However, I can only Extend the desktop of the E6400 to the HDMI display, I cannot make the HDMI a Primary display in Single Display Mode. I read somewhere that this is often done by equipment integrators.


    I have also downloaded the latest drivers from Intel. Mainly to try and troubleshoot my HP issue but they seem to be fixing some errors.


    Release Notes: http://downloadmirror.intel.com/18670/eng/relnotes_winxp_gfx.htm

    Note: Intel Drivers installs another Audio source which you need to select to get the audio to come from the HDMI display.  Check out the Control Panel => Sounds and Audio Devices =>Audio Tab => Sound Playback Default Device drop down has HDMI Device.

    Special Resolutions

    Depending on the resolution of the HDMI TV you may have to adjust the DTD/EDID settings.  There are several forum discussion on this.


    I found the MonInfo program useful for getting the EDID information from the HDMI target (supported resolutions, timing etc).


    However, I am still troubelshooting a few video quality issues (oversize screen and washed out colors) but I think that is an HP issue, I have tested this with an couple of Dell monitors with HDMI input and the pictures where fine.


    PS I am running Windows XP SP3.


  • Could you pls specify the type of your displayport-hdmi adaptor?