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Dell Inspiron 1721 - Windows 7 Video Drivers

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I've just upgraded my 1721 to windows 7.  Runs like a dream compared with Vista, however the screen resolution is awful and cannot be adjusted any further.

I understand Dell need to create some drivers, anyone know when these will be available?



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  • Dell doesn't create drivers. The hardware manufacturers do that. Check Windows Update site first and then check the video card manufacturer's web site.

  • After a week of trial and error and searching, I found it myself.

    Go to the ATI website (1721 has an ATI 1250 Graphics card), download the Catalyst application, this will fix the drivers for win7.

    Don't waste your time with driver detective or driver robot, they're rubbish.

  • Thanks for the valuable hint.

    Did you had to load other drivers, like the SATA driver, when installing Windows 7?

    Did you encounter any other issues besides the graphic card?

  • Hi, no SATA driver, for now everything looks sweet, no issues apart from the video card.

    Boots up in 60 seconds compared with Vista's 4 minutes+

  • I wanted to know if you installed Windows 7 from a cd provided by dell or just a regular windows cd...



    Much Thanks



  • That was my experience, installing from a standard Windows 7 Utlimate disk, too.  I just had to go get the right video driver and all is well.

    Loading drivers for other things just seems to cause problems.  The windows 7 disk has all of the stuff except the right Video driver.

    Now, if I can only get my touchpad to stop giving me spurious characters when I also have a bluetooth MS mouse connected ...