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Inspiron 1545, Screen resolution too large, can't reset. Assistance appreciated!


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Inspiron 1545, Screen resolution too large, can't reset. Assistance appreciated!

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Hi - I replaced the LCD screen in my nephew's Inspiron 1545 purchased in May. (He somehow placed his hand against the screen and 'cracked' the film inside.  I called India aka Tech Support for the replacement screen. Initiall they sent me the "right" screen. I installed it but ithe resolution was too big and resetting via control panel, display options only made it worse not only that but the color flashed between full color and grayscale. I called tech support and after 4 hours of them swimming around inside the laptop, announced the screen weas wrong and for a XPS. The tech gave me the right screen info, and after 2 more hours on the phone I was able to return the first one and order the new. I received and installed the new "correct" screen. Reverified the part with Dell. NOW it holds the color but it displays too large. (I cant see appx 1/3 of the R side) I spent 3 more hours on the phone with tech support. Again, they are clueless.

I turn to the real experts - users! Any ideas? I am aware that my nephew could be lying about what happened. Could another damaged component cause this? How can I check? Thank you so much in advance for you help.

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  • KymberB:

    I am having similar resolution problems (display too large) after replacing my LCD.   Curious how you resolved the issue?  

  • I am sorry to hear that. You have no idea. I had to call for a screen replacement FOUR times until I finally got the right one. Dell & their 'technical experts' spent an average of 3 hours in the first 3 calls regarding the screen not working properly by either installing drivers that are already there or remotely investigating and finding nothing.

    I suggest that you re-verify the exact screen ordered under the original configuration of the laptop via your service tag number. Then ask the representative to re-verify the part number before ordering.

    We purchased the laptop in May of 09. The screen saga took place in November 09.The final correct screen was:

    T626M - Liquid Crystal Display, 15.6HDF, Light Emitting Diode, True Life, 1545

    Much luck to you.

    PS- Don't know if it was a coincidence or not, but after the 3rd screen change out, I noticed a soft ticking from the hard drive. I did the Dell Diagnostics at boot up and sure enough the hard drive tests indicated it had started to fail. I requested a new hard drive as it was still under the warranty at the time of the 4th screen change. Shortly after that, the battery failed to charge anymore and the lap top must be plugged in now as I am not up for paying $149 for a new battery. Oh yes, my next laptop will most definitely be a Dell! *insert eye roll here*!


  • Feedback much apprecated -  The new screen is not the exact same screen.  Original was an LG the new one a Samsung.