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Latitude D830 - no Video Driver

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I purchased my Dell Latitude D830 about a year ago.  When I ordered it, I ordered it to come with a built-in webcam.  Unfortunately, there is no driver or software allowing the computer to recognize it.  So, it is physically there, but there is no way for me to communicate with it.  Any ideas on a driver to download to get my computer to be able to talk to it?


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  • I have the same issue.  Were you able to solve it?

  • Solved in a way...  The Latitude D830 does not come with a webcam.  I thought it did.  What I thought was a webcam was an "ambient light sensor" located towards the middle left portion of the bottom of the LCD display.  So, there is no webcam.  I just went to WalMart and bought one for 20 bucks.

    Hope that helps.   If you have any other issues, go to Dells' Support Chat.  They have been great with RemoteAccessing the computer and getting things fixed.