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Inspiron 1545 screen flickering


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Inspiron 1545 screen flickering

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I have a 4 month old Inspiron 1545 and recently the screen has suffered from an intermittant fault, whereby the screen either flickers or goes completely black. It does this both plugged and unplugged. All the programs are running when it blacks-out and seem to stay running, with the screen returning to whatever I was previously doing. Is this a wiring fault? Does it need to be returned under warranty? I am concerned if I do return it that the technician will not be able to replicate this intermittant fault.

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  • I have had the identical problem. Its like the back light in the screen just either goes off completely or flashes. It gets worse whenever i try to adjust the angle of my screen. Have you found any solutions yet?


  • Yeah, the solution is:


    don't buy Dell.



  • Well said :)

  • lol! Thanks... That's really helpful...!

    Actually I had that problem for a couple of weeks, and never found a solution but eventually it just... Fixed itself.

    I'm thinking maybe there was just a loose wire or something, because every time we moved the screen back and forth it would sort of go okay again- so maybe the wire just righted itself!

    Hope you find a solution soon, let me know if you do. 

  • I got the same thing. I just pinch where it connects to the base and it stays on.. Pretty annoying though. Would like to take apart and fix as for it seems to be a simple fix. But then again, I don't want to risk messing it up completely.

  • This also just started happening to me!  It's seems that it has something to do with the hinge (or wire in the hinge) since it changes if I move the screen.

    pierceinthara - what do you mean you "just pinch where it connects to the base"? 


  • On mine, it seems to be a bad connection or pinched wire or something.  If I swivel the screen back and forth it gets worse or gets better.  Also, if I grasp the bottom of the screen with both hands, fingers behind and thumbs in front, and press with my thumbs just inside (toward the middle) of where the hinges are (I have two long rubber 'bumpers' there) then I can get it to get bright again.  Pressing these points seems to 'fix' it quicker and easier than swiveling the screen back and forth.

  • A bit disappointing Dell has not come up with a Proper fix, it is obviously a known factory fault... Unfortunately mine is just out of warranty...

  • Mine is still under warranty.... 

    I called support and they replaced:

    the wire that was getting pinched

    my screen

    the front screen panel (the plastic around the screen)

    the back panel

    my motherboard

    my hinges


    It works great now...  but I thought that the fact that they replaced so many things, including my motherboard, kind of suggests they don't really have any idea why it's happening.  Mine, I'm convinced was just the wire....  all my experiments pointed to that wire in the hinge area....  I tried to tell them that.  They insisted on replacing the motherboard, too....   :-/

  • I have the exact same problem :(


    My computer is 6mths past it's warranty expiry and I don't have the $$ to take it into get fixed.

    I am atm using it with the screen just under a 90' angle so I can use it.


    I'm seriously not happy considering it's my computer I use for business purposes.


    Does anybody have an approx figure it costs to be fixed?

  • Hi miss.cinders,

    As I have said before, I had the exact problem. My Dell was out of warrenty. However, I did some research and found an email address and phone number for dells head UK offices. I emailed them a big complaint as well as phoned them. They soon got back to me and sent a technician out free of charge, and replaced the screen and wires. - It now works fine.

    Dell Head Office: 01344860456

    Dell Email: (note the underscore) - I dont think this is a true email address, instead your email will be forward to someone at their head office! (It did for me!)

    Definatly worth a try!


    Hope I have helped.

  • I am in the United States and am having this exact issue.  My warranty expired earlier this year.  When I tried calling to explain this to a rep they told me they cannot answer my question unless I agreed that I might be charged for the support of $59 since my warranty expired.  Well I wasn't going to do so since this is a design flaw and I feel that they should have to fix it since obviously others are having the same issue on this model.  And what if they were to just say they cannot help and I would have to pay to get it fixed, I wasn't going to pay $59 just to have them tell me that.

    Do you have any phone numbers or emails that I can get a hold of a dell rep that won't be charging me just to answer my questions.  If they will not fix the issue for free this will def. be the last time I purchase a dell!  

    Our laptop isn't dependable enough to even use right now since we are not sure when the screen will go black.



  • I have the same problem and solution. Bought my laptop 2 years ago and as soon as the garanty expired it started flicking dark.

    Have you found a solution? A fix or repair. $


    Don't think I'll buy Dell again since they don't care much about their customer. They know there is a problem and say nothing about it.

  • If you folks are out-of-warranty any laptop repair shop should be able to obtain a replacement LCD cable, or you can Google the model number of your machine and pull up the service manual. Once you obtain the part number search for it on eBay. If to no avail go to Dell. This is a simple enough repair for most people to do on their own. This could also be a recall issue that either Dell is aware of, or needs to address. If they are charging you for the call, contact a few laptop repair shops for their advice.



  • I have had the same issue on my Inspiron 1545.  Flickering screen/sometimes almost completely black.  Works if I squeeze the lower left corner just right, but it has gotten harder to get that to work and is very annoying to work with the computer and has been doing all the time lately.  Anyway, I think I may have solved the issue for me and MIGHT be the same problem for others.  I took the screen apart; there is a foil backing behind the LCD screen that has a few tabs that attach to screws at the bottom--I assume this is used as a grounding method.  Anyway, one of the tabs is located in the area of one of the inverter attachment screws; BUT the screw did not pass through the tab even though it appeared obvious that it should, so the tab was free to just flop around.  This happens to be right where the cable plugs into the inverter.  I believe this tab has been making contact with the wires in the cable causing a short.  I removed and reattached the screw so that it now goes through the foil tab.  The problem has gone completely away.  I see no reason why this tab should not be attached to the corresponding screw.  I'd love to hear if other people's laptops have this same issue with this tab or if it's unique to mine.  It's a super-easy fix if this is the problem.