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inspiron 1545 video card

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I've a problem with video card. after reinstalling operating system, video card in my laptop seems to not working like before,  when tried to set things with screen like before reinstalling, i received info that i don't have compatible card, also some of my games don't work like before. is it possible that CD with system witch i used to boot has disabled my card? (CD was original)

 thanks for any advice

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  • More likely, you didn't properly reload Windows.

    In order, install:


    The Dell notebook system software

    The chipset driver

    Then install the video driver.


  • True i didn't keep that order.

    Do you think that my card is permanent damaged? Can i reload it in right order and my card will be working properly?

  • No hardware damage would have been caused, but you may have to go back to square 1 and rebuild.