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Dell XPS M1530 HDMI Doesn't fit screen on tv


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Dell XPS M1530 HDMI Doesn't fit screen on tv

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Ok I have two problems I assume they both go hand in hand.

Anyway my 1st problem is when I connect my laptop to my tv (SAMSUNG Series 5, I don't know the model number off hand). The picture doesn't fit the screen properly. The picture is to big for the screen. I tried decreasing the resoloution but it didn't work.

I tried this on my Sony Bravia V Series and the same thing happends. I can't find any controles on my computer to adjust the screen size.

My other problem is that the picture is kind of blury.

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  • i would try getting to your gpu control panel and you should be able to select the screen you want to change the resoloution of and there should be some kind of wizzard type thing to help you. also try changing the aspect ratio, i think 16:9 is the correct one. also try connecting the pc while off then turning it on. i think fixing the resolution will fix the blur.

  • Ok thanks. I managed to find an option to adjust the screen but I havn't been able to fix the blur issue. Well actually it isn't blurry exactly everything has a shadow or something.  I don't know its hard to explain but it just doesn't look right and is hard on the eyes.

    VGA looks better then this like VGA looks like how I would expect. but I need my vga port and the cable is screwing up and I have a spare hdmi cable so it makes sence to use the hdmi cable. But this retarted picture is kind of annoying.

  • Most of the (cheaper) "1080p" sets being sold today DO NOT have a 1080p display (1080p/i = 1920x1080 resolution). Most only have 1366x768 displays, so anything other than a 1366x768 signal will be scaled by the TV to that resolution.

    This is what introduces fuzzy edges, blurry images, ghosting, etc. If you can't feed 1366x768, I have found a 720p feed to be the next best thing on most of these sets (1280x720).

  • Oh no I have a real 1080p set. I made sure of it not just 1 that scales. And images on the same tv with the same hdmi cable coming from my ps3 are fine. and at 1080p well the bd movies anyway.


    so it isn't that. hmm I really wanna work this out because I don't want to revert back to vga because I get interference on my speakers from my charger when i'm using vga.