Screen goes black when plugged in


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Screen goes black when plugged in

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Help would be hugely appreciated.

I have an Inspiron 6400 laptop - it's only about 18 months and frustratingly out of warranty.

When I am running off the battery the screen works fine, however when I am plugged in the screen will suddenly go black within a minute or so.  If I bring a strong lamp right up next to it I can just make out the screen and see the cursor, but only just.

I have tried:

- the Fn Up Down arrow keys - No Good

- checked on BIOS - Video settings which seemed to solve other users' problems - No Good

- new power adaptor - No Good

My battery's power now seems to be not as strong as it used to be so it's seems like it's a frantic race against time : )  Although, if fixed, I don't care if I can't use the battery much as I'm happy to work off the mains all the time.

I'd be VERY grateful for any ideas!!!



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  • This is usually caused by a faulty system board.

  • Thanks.

    That sounds expensive!  If I take it into a computer repair shop locally is it something which can be fixed, or do you have to replace it?

    Thanks for the help.


  • If it's a power jack problem, it can probably be repaired - you will need a specialist in soldering circuit boards.  Figure on $150-200 to have the job done right.

    If it's a circuit problem, the board will need to be replaced - any shop can do that;  the board will run about $350-400, plus labor to have it installed.


  • OK - it's very frustrating - it's a huge cost compared to the cost of buying the laptop and it's less than 2 years old.

    I'll take it to a shop and see what they find.

    Many thanks for your guidance!