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Dell Inspiron 1525 Webcam Failure Message: failed to start video preview. please reconnect your camera


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Dell Inspiron 1525 Webcam Failure Message: failed to start video preview. please reconnect your camera

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I have a 6 month old Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop and when I try to use the webcam or capture photo I get this error message: failed to start video preview. please reconnect your camera. It was working this week and now it is not......Can anyone assist me with this?  Help! Sad

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  • Mine just had the exact same problem around the same time yours did. I saw on my computer it had installed some new driver for the webcam and that since that specific date it hadn't worked properly. I unistalled the whole thing and reinstalled it from the disc and it still isn't working right.  If you figure anything out let me know!

  • I am having same problem as you have mentioned. did u find any solution to that problem?please inform me about the solution if u know as i m really worried and eager to solve this problem with my laptop webcam. thanks

  • No I have not!  I have spent HOURS on the phone witl Dell and NO solution!  All they could say was they wanted to rewrite my hard drive which I don't want to do.  I even bought a Logitech Webcam and uninstalled all the Dell webcam stuff and it says to reconnect as it is in use by another program.  I also hired a computer expert who spent over an hour and no solution. I now have another friend looking at it just to get the Logitech one to work.  Sorry, but Dell doesn't have a clear solution and it really makes me angry. My computer is not even a year old and it use to work but not now.  Let me know if you find a solution!

  • i have not found any solution to this problem yet. Did u find any solution to this webcam problem?  if yes then do inform me please and if no then what r u gona do now?

  • No I have not found a solution.  I do have a friend coming by tomorrow evening to see if we can at least get my Logitech webcam to work.  I've given up on gettign the Dell webcam to work.  No known solutions from Dell all they want to do is rewrite my hard drive - not an option for me.  Hopefully I will know something tomorrow!

  • i dont know what really is the problem  but surprisingly my webcam is working in yahoo messenger but its not working in msn messenger. In msn messenger its showing message that webcam might be in use by another application whereas webcam manager shows failed to create preview please reconnect your camera. i dont know wats the mystery.

    best of luck. hopefully you find solution. stay in touch for any new proceedings regarding this matter


  • Yah see i have the SAME problem. Yahoo messenger works just fine but anything else i get the message that its in use by another application. I've had this computer for a little over a week and i noticed when i first got it, i went to the webcam manager thing and i got the message about reconnecting. I wasn't too worried about it because it was new and i thought maybe i needed to install something. I got onto yahoo and it worked just fine. Then i started using skype and the first time i used a video call it worked perfectly. Then i tried using it again but it said it was in use by another application. I've had friends try to help me find a solution but still no luck...this is really driving me insane!

  • I have same issues....(dell xps m1330 vista x64) see my post at


  • Hi all,

    I have the same webcam error message on my 1yr 1 month old Inspiron 1720.  I am really dissapointed that Dell seem to have left us on our own here with no resolution for this error apart from a wipe clean.  I have always recommended to friends and highly rated the Dells but they have gone down in my estimation now as I feel this error is being sidelined.  Come on Dell pull your fingers out and give us some useful help here.

    Cheers, with fingers crossed


  • Has there been any solution found to this problem yet?  My granddaughter's Inspiron 1525 has now come down with this problem.  I have uninstalled the webcam and reinstalled it.  Vista(32) says that it is installed, working properly and ready for use, but upon opening Webcam Center, all we get is "Failed to start video preview. Please reconnect your camera."


    Why hasn't Dell got something posted on this yet?





  • I recently upgraded my one year old computer that had this probelm to Windows 7.  My webcam is now working......i spent hours on the phone with Dell, had my webcam replaced and nothing.  I waited until 7 came out and it fixed my problem. 

  • SuperCooper2009
    I waited until 7 came out and it fixed my problem.


    That is very interesting. 

    Thanks for the info.

  • i have win7 and it just stopped working for no reason