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My Inspiron e1705 Laptop can't run the R112732 Driver

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I recently had to re-install the Windows XP OS and have been in the process of re-installing the drivers for everything.  They all worked fine from the included CD, all exept the video driver, R112732.  After extracting the driver and choosing to install, it says, "One or more files requierd for installation are either missing or corrupt. Setup wil now exit."  That was from the CD.  I downloaded the driver directly from the Dell website, and got the same message.  Why can't I install this driver?


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  • First, be sure you have already installed the Dell notebook system software and the chipset driver.  These are required for video driver support.

    Then make sure you're using the right video driver - there are several options for the E1705:  Intel integrated, ATI X1400, and one of a few nVidia cards.


  • Thank You!  My laptop is doing great now!


  • I cannot get the R112732 driver install could you tell me what to do

  • cule

    I cannot get the R112732 driver install could you tell me what to do

    To help you get help quicker, you should have started your own thread seeing that the OP of this thread has already reported that his/her system is now working.
    Did you follow the advice that ejn63 gave?
    Do you have the correct version of the driver software for your operating system?
    Do you have the correct driver for your notebook?