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Inspiron 1545 graphics card.


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Inspiron 1545 graphics card.

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What will be the best graphics card for INSPIRON 1545?


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  • Technically, none - this model has built-in video, not a video card.  The ATI HD4330 is the better of the two options.


  • I think you didnt get my question. Probably i didnt explain clearly.

    I know that my laptop has a integrated graphics card. The problem is its performance is very low.

    So i thought of disabling it and add a video card like nvidia or ati to it.

    The board has a PCI express slot in it. So why do u say that none of the video card will suit it.

    I guess it should accept any good video card.

    I am expecting a good 1 GB video card or atleast a 512 MB card.

  • No, you didn't understand my answer - the video in this system, like most all notebooks, is integrated onto the system board.  There are no addon video cards for notebook computers - the mini PCI Express socket is for communications cards, not for video cards.  It is NOT the same thing as a desktop PCI Express card.

    You cannot upgrade the video in this system in any way, shape or form.



    I contacted DELL Technical support and a guy told that i can add either a nvidia or ati card to my PCI express slot.

    Thats the reason why i started this discussion.

    He specifically insisted that there is a PCI Express slot in my board and that i can put a Nvidia or a ATI card to it.


    I am totally confused now.



    The DELL STUDIO 15 laptop also uses the same mother board as INSPIRON 15.

    Intel®  Cantiga GM45 Chipset

    How come studio laptop has 512MB ATI Mobility RadeonTM  HD 4570?

    If a video card is not possible in my laptop then how come it is possible in studio laptops which uses the same mother board.


  • The system boards aren't the same - they're customized at manufacture for each model system.

    Even if there were an Express Card video card to use (there isn't;  see below) it would basically turn your system into a desktop, as it would require an external monitor.




  • Any luck with the video card? I'm interested in doing the same thing, even if I can only use it with an external monitor.

    Did the tech support person give you a part number for a card that will work with the 1545?


  • I'm not sure there is a point in answering again, since you seem not to read the answers - but:

    There IS SIMPLY NO WAY to upgrade the video in these models.  There IS NO VIDEO CARD, nor any provision for one.   There's an Intel-integrated version of the board, and an ATI version - you chose one or the other, and that's what you have for the life of the system.  No upgrade.


  • You can in fact add a video card, there now an option to add an ATI card when you purchase it, that card in no integrated. There are other card you can use other than the ATI that are better or cheaper. Unless you know of them you are not contributing and answer.

  • There are options, yes  -- all integrated chips.  There is no card in this system, and there's no provision for adding one.

    The service manual tells the story:


  • Hi - do you happen to know if the radeon board will fit in the chasis of the basic model - we got the basic (cheap!) one for my wife, but the way she uses her machine has changed and she now needs better graphics.


    This model ships with one of 2 boards and its fairly straightforward to change a board out, but as i dont have a serial (its 30 miles away and by the time i get home i will have forgotten!) support wont give me a straight answer.


    Ive tried this before on other makes and gotten burnt a couple of times on sizing - i really dont want to be hacking at the chasis and putting holes in and all that rubbish because the boards are different shapes / sizes.





  • If you mean, will the mainboard with the ATI chip fit, the answer is  yes.  Very often, a different heatsink is required and if you've a 65W adapter, you'll likely need a 90W adapter.

    A mainboard won't be inexpensive -- $300-450 or so, plus the other parts.


  • I love it when people don't know what they are talking about computers Laptops can use the same mother board just because one comes with an external graphics card doesn't mean nothing its all about the factory settings which you can change in your control pannel or in your bios.  You are able to shut the enternal graphics card off. You just have to fine the right pines and setups that your mother board will with stand ejn63 you are close but no cigar. I've built the inspiron1545 from scratch you IT guy.

  • Could you translate that into English?


  • So swaping out motherboards is an option. Does anyone know what the price is for a new 1545 motherboard?

    Does anyone sell a notebook/laptop with a standard graphics card slot?