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Problem with Dell Webcam Central software and integrated webcam (Inspiron 15)


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Problem with Dell Webcam Central software and integrated webcam (Inspiron 15)

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I bought an Inspiron 15 last week. Great laptop. It came with an integrated 1.3 megapixel webcam, managed by a program called "Dell Webcam Central".

Program worked perfectly OK, until I downloaded an update from Windows Update, labeled as "important", which is new drivers for the webcam.

These new drivers doesnt affect the camera performace, it works perfectly with MSN messanger, but, Dell Webcam Central says there's no webcam attached to the computer?

I had to remove those drivers, and remove the Dell Webcam software copletely, then download drivers from Dell, and reinstall the webcam suite, problem solved.

Thing is, Windows Update is prompting me to download those drivers again, labeling them as an important update. Of course I don't want to go tru all that problem again.

If I accept that update again, is there a way to "re-attach" the webcam to the Dell software, without having to uninstall and reinstall everything again? Thanks a lot in advance. Smile

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  • I have the same problem with my Inspiron 1525 I got a week ago...after the central tells me to plug in a supported webcam when I have one built in. I too would like to get this fixed without having to roll back or ignore the important updates. If anyone has a fix, it would be greatly appreciated.

  • As reported elsewhere on this forum, this problem is almost always solved by plugging in (or unplugging and plugging in again) a USB function such as a mouse, as if by magic the webcam appears (as long as the webcam central window is open). This happened on my brand new inspiron 15 too. No need to go around installing drivers etc (I have done this too).


    Come on Dell, time to sort this out!  Its a factory-installed defect. How many machines are you having call-outs to fix under warranty by less inventive customers?

  • Haha, it worked!

    I plugged my sandisk flash drive while running the dell webcam program, and it detected the webcam right away! very odd.

    Bet it's a glitch really easy to fix, como on Dell get on it!

  • What a weird thing...followed the advice plugged in my wireless usb mouse and it started right up! thanks for the temp fix!

  • sorry this thing doesnt work for me.....mine is also dell inspiron 1525 and i can start webcam(integrated) from yahoo messenger and erwebcam broadcaster but i failed to start it on dell webcam center it says nosupported driver installed pls install using dell resource cd .i already installed the creative lab 1.3 mp driver.on my device manager it shows integrated camera and shows a list of drivers of it.i unninstall it and scan for hardware changes then it accept usb video and driver usbvideo.sys.but all this drivers accepted by the above mentioned application except dell central .I want to view my webcam in central coz the others have limited functions and resolution low for broadcasting. i checked at my level best to correct it ..Is there anyone who can help me to solve the issue!!!!!!!Sad



    Just found this post from a google search.  I had the same problem with a new Inspiron 15 we got last night.  Worked fine, then installed MS Updates and then no worky.


    Got a regular USB corded mouse and plugged in in while webcam central was open and a couple seconds later it just fixed itself.

  • Thanks 4 ur kind reply . But things gone against me still now.I didn't install any MS updates and i tired of doing things(above tips) not working .But my webcam still recognized by other application except dell central.I didnt find the real solution...!!!Crying

  • That was beautiful!!! I did just like you suggested, and it worked without a hitch! Someone needs to email Dell Support and let them know that this is a problem!!!!

  • how is it worked. Using usb mouse or something similar can u explain in detail.Any suggesstions on microsoft updates on webcam.??

  • well i did the same thing and it worked. yay. but do i have to keep it plugged in all the time for it to work though?

  • dude,pls use web companion2 its great and working with inspiron 15 i left web cam central.(no use).try torrent search u get that application with additional software magic visual effects and is cool too..!!!:)
  • hey guys  i have a problem with my webcam my computer is inspiron 1545 my webcam is working but its very slow the image moves every five minutes please help.

  • check the settings in webcam central, make sure that it is not set to "time lapse video", and set it to "normal video" if it is. If it is still messed up go to add/remove programs and remove the dell webcam central, and any other "dell" webcam software. Then go to start>control panel>hardware and sound>then next to devices and printers click device manager (if your using vista and not 7 it is start>control panel>hardware and sound>scroll down and click on device manager. Once in device manager, look for imaging devices, expand the option by clicking on the +, right click the webcam and select properties, click on the driver tab, then uninstall. Then finally find your Dell CD that is labeled Drivers and Utilities or it might be labeled Resource CD or something like that. Insert the CD and find the driver for the webcam on it, extract it, and then follow the prompts to re-install the driver which also reinstalls the Dell Webcam central. When it asks to restart now or later, select later. When it goes back to the CD contents click the x to close the window. Remove the CD, then restart the PC. Try to run the webcam central again, if your webcam is still "very slow", I suspect you have a hardware problem with the webcam itself. If your machine is still under warranty you can contact Dell support and have it sent in. If it is not under warranty you should be able to ask them about replacement options, but this may require more money than your willing to spend, so the logical next step would be to buy another webcam that is external to your laptop, the kind that clips on the monitor, it should work perfectly or else return it and try again. These are your only real options.

    As far as the webcam software I found this forum from searching for my own problem with the webcam software on an Inspiron 1464 laptop. Dell Webcam "center" showed me the same problem others here are having as it said that my webcam driver could not be found, but when I clicked on start > all programs > Dell webcam > Dell webcam "central" and ran it, my webcam worked perfectly. I had problems installing the drivers when I first purchased it and I think that Dell webcam "center" was software that the Dell support tech told me to download, needless to say the Dell Webcam "central" software on the drivers and utilities disk works perfectly.

  • I hope my webcam at inspiron 1464 core i3 working too, but no driver support from dell support center. it will be nice if we have cd driver bundled with laptop when we buy. but theres no driver for dell n series.

    anyone h\who know driver for my laptop, please reply


  • i tried plugging in my usb mouse and it still doesnt work