Webcam Not working "Please plug in a supported webcam"


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Webcam Not working "Please plug in a supported webcam"

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Well i bought a Dell laptop Inspiron 1514 yesterday and when i got it home the webcam was working on it fine and when i tried it again today it wont work and it keeps saying "Please plug in a supported webcam" The webcam is also built into the dell laptop.

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  • If your webcam drivers havent been updated in the device mananger under imaging devices, you can try what i just figured out. I just got a Inspiron 1545 and the only way i got it to work so far is to plug in a USB device ie. USB mouse. Make sure you have the webcam window open. When you plug in the usb device for some reason the camera starts working when the laptop detects the usb device. Took me forever online looking for an answer to this problem and i stumbled on it by accident trying to get the camera working. 


  • [DELL Inspriron 1545 Notebook - Purchased around Aug. 6th]

    Thanks.....That worked !  

    I Plugged in a USB Mouse

    (What's the Deal with that?)


    I noticed that in the same session....if I closed the WebCam app...unplugged the mouse....and started it back.......the same thing would occur (it could not find the WebCam).


    - I plugged the USB Mouse back in

    - The webcam started working again

    - I turned the computer off (completely...SHUT DOWN)

    - Unplugged the USB Mouse

    - Restarted

    -The Webcam app now would work without the USB mouse.


    and...hope this is fixed with next's gotta be driving some folks crazy

  • Hah! exactly the same problem! Thankyou for solving it with plugging in the usb mouse. It worked! Stupid Stupid Stupid Dell laptop.

  • hi geek had the same problem with my 1545  even tho webcam worked fine some time ago. tried as you suggested with a usb memory stick and it worked fine. removed the usb stick while the camera was on switched off webcam and then on again and it now works fine.  thanks for the advice COME ON DELL  WHAT'S GOING ON?

  • Thank you whoever posted about the USB trick. I'm having the same problem. Get on it already Dell. I have had the laptop for six months and still no fix for it. Your brand is suffering while attached to the "DELL WEBCAM" that disconnects itself whenever it wants and frustrates users.

  • I have a 1537 and this trick does not work for me.

  • I can't even find imaging devices when i go to my device manager. and i tried plugging an accepted usb but my webcam still won't work Crying

  • Try booting to safe mode and then see if the cam is listed under Device Manager under Imaging Devices...then restart in normal mode.  This worked for me when the cam was "lost"....the cam was "found" in safe mode!

    Dell XPS L701X

  • hi 

    i tried ur way

    i opened the dell webcam

    then plugged in a usb

    and nothing happened

    it just keeps saying please plug in a supported device

    it was working fine and then it stopped working, while i was using it it stopped working

    do u suggest anything else i could do??

    plz help


  • plug in a supported device dell web cam

  • its a laptop

    the cam is built in,

  • dell inspiron 5010

  • Try reading...


    Using and Troubleshooting the Dell Webcam and Dell Webcam Central Software





    What is a Dell Service Tag and how do I locate it? 



    Original poster, If you have solved your problem, can you please mark the correct thread(s) with your solution. Thanks 

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  • I thought this idea sounded crazy, but it sounded good enough to try, because nothing else worked and I've been looking forever, too. I tried it and it worked. Wow. Just amazing. Thanks.

  • I have a similar problem with a Dell Inspiron 1764. Messages come up in skype and Dell Webcam Central indicating some form of USB conflict. However, I found a comment in another forum indicating a problem with the webcam cable inside the laptop which is connected to the USB port. The connection can become temperamental. I am currently finding that when the webcam does not start up in skype on a video call, I move the lid/screen backward and forward in an open close movement and the webcam comes on. This proves for me that the problem is an intermittent USB wiring connection problem. This may not solve all problems but it is a quick test to see if it is the cause or not. 

    Hope this helps