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How do you connect a i.LINK cable to an Inspirion 1545


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How do you connect a i.LINK cable to an Inspirion 1545

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I have sony camcorder which you can download pictures via a USB cable and video via an i.LINK cable. How do you connect the i.LINK cable to the laptop there does not appear to be a port for it.?

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  • i.Link is Sony's name for firewire.  Since the system doesn't have a firewire port, you will need an Express Card firewire adapter, such as



  • Thank you for the suggestion, I have seen these express card firewire adapters advertised on the web. How do I install it in my Insprion 1545 laptop? There does not seem to be a slot externally on the machine for me to install it.

  • A USB to Firewire video cable from allows you to transfer raw DV from a FireWire camcorder to a typical Hi-Speed USB host desktop or notebook, and vice versa.

     This bridge cable, designated PIX-UVCD/U1W, is handy for those who do not have a FireWire port on their PCs. Transferring video back to the camcorder will require Service Pack 2, which supports driverless installation of devices that comply with USB Video Device Class 1.0.

    The overall concept is described in this Microsoft White Paper.



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  • If it was me, I wouldn't bother with anything except a standalone DVD recorder with a iLink (aka Firewire aka IEEE1394) input.

    But it's up to you.

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  • Hiya - ive got hte exact same problem.

    I also need to connect my sony camcorder to the Inspiron 1545 so I can download video footage.

    Problem is that there is no  Express Card firewire adapter port. (I have this and an ieee1394 cable).

    Is there ANY solution (ie a cable and or adaptor) to this (i would assume) not uncommon problem?

    (besides a dvd recorder or borrowing someone else computer)

    I am unable to locate the bridge cable SideStep refers to above anywhere for sale on hte internet. Nor can I find a similar product. Perhaps there is a docking bay or something I could insert the express card into and in turn into my computer?? I dont know.

    What is MOST frustrating about this is that when purchasing the computer a month ago I asked repeatedly whether without the express card port I would still be able to get video images from camcorder onto my computer. They repeatedly assured me there was a cable and it would be fine. I'm not huge with technology but I trusted this. I'm so frustrated becuase editing video footage is so crucial to my son's autism therapy, which makes this £600+ Dell computer a waste of money, money i dont have to waste..

    It blows my mind that Dell would put out a computer (in this day and age) which can not fulfill a very common need


    (sorry - venting! been on the phone for hours to Dell and Sony and got nowhere. just hoping someone out there is able to help where 'the professionals' can not)

  • I'm not sure what you mean by

    "Problem is that there is no  Express Card firewire adapter port. (I have this and an ieee1394 cable)."


    There are indeed Express Card firewire adapters:

    With that and a 6-pin to 4-pin Firewire cable you'll be all set.

    Firewire is rapidly disappearing from all new systems - even the company that invented it (Apple) has dropped it from most of its newer systems and devices.



  • Hi

    The port for the express card firewire adapter is at the right hand side of the laptop at the bottom away from the screen,  Push the sqaure flat panel at the side its about 30 mm wide by 5 mm high remove the dummy holder and replace it with the card. I installed mine  and the computer recongised it, but the sony software could not  locate the when I connected the camcorder via the ilink.  Let me know if you have any success. We should have bought the Dell Studio I beleive this comes with the port.

    If you can change it to a Dell studio I think its the best option because I think they are designed for this photo and film editing.!!!!

    I eventually bought a sony dvd recorder which has an ilnk port, or firewire input. I havent tried it yet but the film editing on DVD recorders is very limited.

    good luck


  • thanks for all your help! i think i have solved teh problem.  I was looking fr a port the sizeofa PCMIA card  Not hte smaller express card (didn’t realise they were different).  Plus the little panel on my computer was jammed in (so assumed is was a nothing ) but with a bit of careful leveraging – BINGO!

    Problem solved!

    thanks so muchfor all the help!


  • Hi

    If you get your sony film editing software to work could you let me know, I have a sony DCR-HC47E camcorder