computer goes in and out of zoom mode


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computer goes in and out of zoom mode

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For some reason my dell studio 17 zooms in and out when my mouse is on the screen.   It's  really disgusting because the screen gets really, really small.  Anyway to keep my zoom at 100%?


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  • Hi, I am having the same problem.  When I use the  mousepad, the font just changes sizes on its own  It just found a solution on another website.  It is as follows:

    Click on the Start button (or whatever it's called now, lol)
    All Programs
    Ease of Access Center
    Then click on 'Make the computer easier to use' near the bottom.
    Then UNCHECK 'Turn On Magnifier'. Hit OK and you're done




  • Here's one more idea, go to mousepad and select enable zoom.