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HDMI on Inspiron 1520

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I've got an Inspiron 1520 that doesn't have a HDMI output for hooking up to a HDTV.  I'd like to add/change the video card to one that would have a HDMI output on it.  My question is, is that possible?  I've heard of people removing a USB port and using that space for a HDMI.  What card should I buy, and is it possible?  Thanks for any responses!

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  • The only video cards are the ones Dell shipped with this system - Intel integrated, or nVidia 8400 or 8600.  The HDMI would require a new mainboard.

    You can see if there are any Express Card HDMI adapters, but if not, you're out of luck.


  • Thanks for the info!  That was a quick response!  Thanks!

  • I noticed that my Inspiron has a 7-pin mini-DIN connector out.... is there a cable that converts that 7-pin mini-DIN connector into a component video cord, or hdmi cord?  Also, whats the highest resolution that the 7-pin mini-DIN output can produce?  Thanks!