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Automatically shuts down while watching online videos


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Automatically shuts down while watching online videos

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Inspiron 1525 - Vista Basic

My laptop shuts down while I'm watching online videos. The problem started about a month ago and has gotten progressively worse. If I come home to a cold computer, turn it on, then watch online video for 20 - 30 minutes... laptop abruptly turns itself off.

It's under warranty, but Dell says it's not a hardware problem. My system has been completely restored (Dell Factory Image Restore). Problem still exists. Diagnostics tests have shown nothing wrong. But there is virtually nothing on this computer that wasn't factory installed when i bought it six months ago. Has anyone else had this problem? Anybody have any suggestions?

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  • Could be a temperature problem with the CPU or GPU. Download a temp measuring program, such as I8kfangui, and watch the temperatures while you watch the video. Videos are not too demanding on either processor, but will cause temp increases.

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  • Even I have the same configuration and facing the same issue. I do not think its anything to do with temparature. The problem happens only on windows vista and not on the ubuntu which I have on another partition. Ubuntu works fine with videos hours long. It has to be some s/w (may be drivers) on windows which is causing this. I have installed the latest directx drivers from microsoft and looks like the problem has been resolved temporarily. Though its too early to confirm this as I installed this today (Feb 28 2010)

  • The problem occured again yeterday (01 Mar 2010) on windows vista while I was watcing an online video on firefox 3.5 I watched a downloaded video for a long time and there was no issue. Then I started watching an online video through firefox and the computer switched-off suddenly (as is the typical symptom with this issue).

  • Looks like my issue is resolved after following the steps in this:

    The root cause as I could figure out was the temparature increase (heating up) of the laptop when watching videos online. Don't know why this happens. There is a lot of disk activity,laptop heats up and switches off automatically. Why this happens when watching videos on a browser, I am not sure. However I was able to resolve it after unstalling several video plugins I had on my system and installing the latest Adobe Flash Player and "Windows Medial plugin for Firefox" as mentioned in the above link