I have been helping a friend reinstall her laptop after some spyware/adware/virus related issues and everything is now basically setup except for the screen resolutions.  The graphics card driver is missing and the driver on the Dell drivers CD refuses to install with an error saying that the 'driver cannot be installed for the device adapter' (unfortunately that's not the EXACT message - I apologise for that but I'll find out the exact one).

It's behaving as if I am trying to install the wrong driver for the laptop, even though thats the only video driver that shows up on the drivers cd.

Anyway, I've asked her to download the latest version of the driver and to see if that makes any difference, has anyone else heard of similar problems?

It's a Vostro 1000 with an AMD64 Athlon X2 with Windows XP and (apparently - I can't actually confirm since Windows just states its a video adapter without stating which card it actually is) an ATI Mobility Radeon Xpress 1150.

Any suggestions would be great!