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Dell Inspiron 1525 Video Card

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Just bought one and curious if this laptop video card can be upgraded?  I've heard most laptops won't unless it's a top dollar system.  I plan to upgrade the memory from 2gigs of memory to 4gigs and upgrade the video card if possible.

Inspiron 1525
Intel Pentium Dual CPU T3200 @ 2.00GHz 2.00 GHz
2.0 GB of RAM 

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  • Not on this model - it has chipset integrated video and no provision at all for upgrade.


  • Thank you for the response.  I don't plan to but will this video card run any newer model games at all?  Also, do you recommend upgrading from 2gb memory to 4gb on a 32-bit os?  I'm running 32-bit but I've been told it can run 64-bit as well.

  • Memory is so inexpensive right now, 4G makes sense - particularly if you're running Vista - even for the 32-bit version.

    Don't expect this system to be in any conceivable way satisfactory with any level of gaming.



  • Honestly I don't tend to use this system for any gaming at all.  I currently own a Xbox 360 and pretty satisfied with it although I may install Age of Empires The Conquers on my laptop.  I don't see this system having any troubles with that game.  I had that installed on a Dell I used 8 years ago so I'm sure I'd be fine.

  • well,

    I am having problems installing sims game....and it worked fine on a smaller laptop.....

    I just bought the Inspiron1525 aprox. 2 wks ago...and can't install any games on here....

    I keep getting the error.....tsbin|sims.exe     the game starts....then freezes after about 20 minutes...

    I'm looking everywhere for answers since the screen keeps telling me that there is a way but when I click on the window that says you can repair the problem it just opens a window and says......did this fix the problem!!!!!!


  • I bought a inspiron 1525. I really thought the laptop would deliver good graphics but it dint, rather the games work but the graphics arent good from any angle. the question i want to raise is, can we allocate more virtual graphics memory from the ram and whether by increasing the ram the graphics would improve, because on my desktop the graphics were bad but when i upgraded my ram to 4gigs the graphics were like perfect. i also want to know whether we can like add a graphics card considering there is a HSDAP port free(if that has anything related to graphics) and i also saw an answer on yahooanswers uk, that there is some pci slot which lets us add a graphic card. god bless my laptop with graphics

  • No, there is absolutely no way to upgrade or improve the video in the Inspiron 1525.


  • I have a 1525 with 4gb and I play World of Warcraft easily. Before the most recent expansion pack, I would run 25-30 frames per second with very low latency. In other words, it runs great. Could run better but its still good. And I asked a Geek Squad agent once if I could ad a new graphics card and disable my integrated one and he said yes so according to him it is possible. I suggest taking your computer to Best Buy or Circuit City and get them to check it out.

  • Hopefully you recall the name  of the agent - if so avoid that person.  If his or her technical skills are as faulty as the advice, you could be in trouble.

    The 1525 cannot be video upgraded.


  • I am having the same problem with the sims. It will start up and then it will just freeze and the problem never gets solved.

  • I have the same problem.

    I'am also using Dell 1525 Inspiron laptop.

    It has also has the same chipset and having a very hard time playing some games esp. the latest that is coming now a days.

    If the chipset has no urgrade or what so ever. can I replace it then with a new one. Will that be advisable to do so.

    Please advise.



  • If the "it" you're referring to is the system - of course, you can replace it at any time.

    If the "it" you're referring to is the chipset - no, that cannot be replaced.

    If you need better video than the 1525 provides, you need a new system.


  • This is also my specs for the Dell 1525.

    Inspiron 1525
    Intel Pentium Dual CPU T3200 @ 2.00GHz 2.00 GHz
    2.0 GIB of RAM

    If I cannot replace the chipset,then what system can I replace it with.






  • You can purchase any notebook you wish to replace the existing one - I would suggest one with ATI discrete video (not Intel integrated) next time.


  • my 1525 comes with the Broadcom multimedia PCI graphics accelerator card for HD playback.