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Inspiron 1525 Display is Zoomed In?


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Inspiron 1525 Display is Zoomed In?

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Just got an Inspiron 1525. The screen isn't being shown at the right resolution since the first boot. When I plugged the laptop into an external monitor, then the complete screen was there and everything worked correctly. However, the laptop display only shows the top left portion of viewable area and not the complete screen -- nor is the screen scroll-able.

Is there a bios setting that changes the resolution? I don't think it's a window's resolution problem since the laptop monitor shows only the top left portion of the screen even during boot up.

Anyone with similar problems? Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I don't think this is a problem that warrants sending the laptop back to dell for fixing as tech support has told me that I must do.

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  • Hello

    Boot in the safe mode and then remove the drivers from the add and remove programs. Then go to the support website and then download and install the latest drivers.

    I believe its some drivers settings with the computer and not the actual drives. You have already spoken to the Tech support and I would like to know what steps did they try or what resolution have they given to you.


  • Tech support for the most part wasn't helpful. It was two hours of doing memory scans and looking to see if cables are plugged in. All of  that was ok. I haven't had any luuck with anything yet, so I think I'll have to send ti back. ACK!

  • Yes. THen in that case you should return the latop.

    But remember, tell them that you want to return the latop. If you talk to them about exchange then they will bounce you here and there and then will do anything, they will just ask you to send the computer to the depot and please do not send the computer to the depot. If you are under 21 day return policy then please tell them that you want to return the computer and then take a full refund and instead of any of the 15 series go for 1420. I have had some issues with my 1525 and I was bounced like anything man.

    I took 1420 and its been fantastic sine the time I've had it.