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Inspiron 1525 HDMI out to TV

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I have an Inspiron 1525 with Vista home premium and an HDMI out port. I am hoping to use a large plasma TV to display content.  I have reviewed many postings but haven't found just the right solution. 

I have been able to access the extended desktop features on the 1525 and get the 1525 desktop to appear on the TV screen.  The TV speakers will play test sounds from the 1525. 

However, nothing but the desktop background appears on the TV.  No desktop icons or cursor.  No launched applications.  Just the desktop background...

Any advice on what next?



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  • If it's set as an extended desktop, then try dragging something from your laptop screen over to the far right of the monitor. Then look on your TV, and you should see the dragged item appear there. So it's kinda like a dual-monitor setup, I believe.


  • Thanks for your suggestions.  The extended desktop approach didn't work, but I found a partial solution.

    There is a video solution.  I went into the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver for Mobile tab, which is found by going into the Appearance and Personalization control panel, hitting "Adjust Screen Resolution," going into the Display Settings control panel, hitting "Advanced Settings" and then the Intel tab is there.  I then hit the "Graphics Properties" button, and chose "Intel Dual Display Clone" instead of the Extended Desktop config.  Now the plasma TV displays everything on the computer screen perfectly. 

    However, there is no audio coming through the plasma, which is should through the HDMI cable.  The sound control panel shows the presence of a working HDMI device, in addition to the speakers/headphone device. Unfortunately, only the speakers/headphone device is showing any audio signal when I play a movie.  Even when I set the HDMI device as the default player, no sounds comes out of the plasma.  But, the HDMI cable definitely sends audio to the plasma because the TV emits the sound test tones I generate from the laptop.

    Any thoughts about gettting sound through the HDMI cable?



  • I'm not sure about what type of TV you have but thanks to your post I was able to give my boyfriend the thing he's been wanting for a while and that's to view music viedos and movies from the computer/internet onto the big screen & now we have a 50 so its evwen better. However if when you select the options I chose the very bottom one I forgot what its called but it completly moves your screen & sound out from your laptop onto your tv. I just use his Xbox 360 HDMI to the Inspirion 1525 and it works great and the sound comes from the TV sound or the surround sound if you have the system set up. We have a Plasma HITACHI by the way. THANKS AGAIN FOR YOUR HELP & I HOPE I HVAE HELPED YOU.

  • Rex - I'm considering buying a refurb 1525 to use with my plasma TV -- the newer model 1545 doesn't have HDMI. And your post has some useful info for me -- that there's a setting, "Intel Dual Display Clone," for video sent from the HDMI-out to the TV, and that the sound control panel recognizes the HDMI device. But it would help me to decide whether to buy if I knew whether the sound coming across the HDMI cable actually gets to the TV. So I have a question for you: Did you ever get it to work? (and if so how?)

    I'd also like to know whether the 1525 display resolution can be set to 1024 x 768, the native resolution of my TV, and of course I don't have a 1525 in front of me to answer the question. If you have a moment, would you have a look?

    Any info on these questions, many many thanks.

  • Okay so im having the same problem i have the same laptop and i connected the hdmi cable to my hdmi port on my laptop and my insignia tv and all it says is no signal when i switch the tv to the hdmi 1 input setting. How did you get yours to work please help on here or email

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  • I cannot find "Intel Dual Display Clone" under the Graphics Property tab.  I have the Intel 965 Express chip set card.

    I am attempting to output thru a HDMI cable, but all I get is a black screen and no audio.

    Very frustrated,


  • I have a Dell 1525 running Vista Home Premium and connected it to my Dell HDTV using a HDMI cable that came with my DVD player.  The TV never shows what is on the laptop screen but gives me a message that the laptop is "in power save mode" and to move the mouse or press a key, which I do but still do not see an image.  The TV seems to go into sleep mode as if the laptop was in sleep mode.  When I open the Graphic Properties (by right clicking the desktop) the Multiple Display mode indicates I need to connect a second monitor, which suggests the laptop does not see the TV thru the HDMI cable.  When I connect the TV and laptop with a VGA cable, the TV displays the laptop screen and the Graphic Properties shows the laptop screen and the TV screen.  Can anyone help me fix the HDMI problem?
  • I am having exactly the same problem, but with a twist - I'm trying to use the HDMI with a HDMI-to-DVI converter cable to drive a second monitor and extend my desktop to that monitor.  I'd appreciate hearing any solutions.  My warranty expired 10 days ago and I can no longer engage in a live "chat" with Dell customer service.

  • I had this same problem and what I did -- after first setting the audio playback devices HDMI option to "default," and  hooking the external TV to the laptop's HDMI port  -- is reboot and try playing the video again.

    If you're streaming from say, Netflix, in addition to rebooting try, reloading the movie's web page. 

    Also try closing the laptop's lid.

  • I had the same problem as you.

    I solved it by installing the "Chipset / Intel - Driver / Mobile Chipset" driver on the drivers page for my computer ("Drivers & Downloads" page on I really thought I had the right driver installed before, but I think I had only installed the one called "GM965 Express Chipset Family" and it was not enough (the VGA adapter used to work though).

    Now the HDMI output works (I am using a regular HDMI cable to connect to my "HD Ready" TV) with both video and sound.

    My computer: Inspiron 1525 with Windows 7 32 bits, with "Mobile Intel 965 Express Chipset Family" video card.

  • Oups. I thought my message would go under the one to which I replied.

    When saying "same problem as you" I was referring to "I cannot find "Intel Dual Display Clone" under the Graphics Property tab.  I have the Intel 965 Express chip set card. I am attempting to output thru a HDMI cable, but all I get is a black screen and no audio.".

  • What was the identifying number of the Intel Chipset driver you installed?  (I have the same computer - Inspiron 1525 with Windows 7 32 bit, and am trying to get audio from the computer to the TV through a HDMI cable.

    Thanks, pwinslow

  • Plug HDMI into laptop and go into the control panel

    then going into Windows Mobility Center

    Plug HDMI into Any TV with HDMI port.

    then click Connect Display in the External Display cube located under the Brightness, Volume, Battery Status, and Wireless Network cubes.

    Select which one best suits what you need and voila there you have it. Hope that helps!

  • The driver version is if i click properties on driver in the device manager. I hope it is what you need.