Hello all,

I have a Dell Latitude D620, running XP SP2. I have a docking station for it that I have an additional flat panel monitor.

When I properly undock before removing from the dock to take to a meeting, upon redocking, my dual monitors settings revert back to the incorrect sides.

Let me 'splain a little better.

Before UNdocking: Monitor 1 is the flat panel (connected via dock). Monitor 2 is the laptop's display. Monitor 1 on the right, monitor 2 on the left. Obviously I'm able to scroll from right to left. I E on left (laptop, monitor 2) screen while Outlook on right (flat panel, mon 1). Monitor 1 set as Primary. Monitor 2 set to extend to it. To undock, I do click on Start - Undock - and I wait for the pop up message saying it is ok to Undock.

Once I put it back on the dock, it switches monitor 1 and 2 for location, meaning I have to go off of the right hand side to make it to the far left of the left monitor. Why? I keep changing it back, click on Apply, then click on OK, yet it reverts back every time.

If anyone else has seen this stubborn problem happen, please advise of solution.