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No image / video / picture on my Studio 1535


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No image / video / picture on my Studio 1535

  • Yesterday, I booted up my Studio 1535 and there was no image.  I can see all other lights going - HDD reading/activity but no image - just a blank screen,  I also noticed the mute and volume up touch buttons are flashing.


    I plugged in an external monitor and was able to see the image.  I re-booted a few times with no luck.  I ran the diagnostics then finally, the image started to appear on the laptop.


    Today, same thing.  No image, flashing mute and volume up buttons but this time, my steps to fix above don't work.  Again, I can see the image on an external monitor but not on the laptop.  Diagnostic beeps show an error 2000-0333.  That indicates an error waiting for a keyboard response on the video test....but I can't see the on-screen display to know what/when to press (unless I feed the video out to the external monitor but that invalidates the test).  The question on the scree is "Do you see the colour bars..."on the external monitor...yes.  On my laptop, no...but I don't know when to press no cause I can't see the question.


    Anyway, I'm going to call in but I thought I'd check here first.

  • If the system is brand new, request a replacement.  If it's out of the 21-day guarantee, call and they'll replace the display panel under warranty.


  • I was at work when I typed the first post but I went home to try some steps from the online chat with a dell tech.  Was told to:

    1) remove battery and unplug ac

    2) press and hold power for 10-1 seconds

    3) reconnect AC (no battery) and power up


    No luck...still no image.


    I then re-ran the PSA without connecting an external monitor and have the following error code:

    2000-0321 LCD EDID Unable to access EDID EEPROM


    In the bios, the panel (LCD) is an unknown panel.


    I'd really prefer not to send this in - just a hassle but will if that's the only course of action.

  • The screen needs to be replaced - if you don't want to send the system, call and buy an upgrade to an onsite warranty, and then call for service - they will dispatch a technician to do the replacement in your home or office.


  • Is there any chance the cable from the video card to the screen is loose?  Can I try to fix that myself?
  • There's no video card - and from the symptoms, it's not a loose cable.  Unless you want to be blamed for damage if something goes wrong, I'd leave the repair to Dell - the screen definitely needs replacement.


  • display inverter board again, would anyone tell me how to contact dell research / development department, black screen problem is not new, it has happened quite some time ago on different brand, and might happen again later on .
  • I was instructed to go through warranty services to have the screen replaced.  Realrock, are you suggesting this is not the screen and in fact the inverter board which can black a screen out even if it's (the screen) is replaced?
  • display inverter (section)

    1 inverter
    the circuit board between two arraow point left and right, the power supply to your LCD passing though it
    if the connection lose a bit or there is not enough juice go though, your screen may well turn black
    actually, not completely , if you look closely under light, you may see picture is there, it is just too dark
    to see,  as if the computer is in a super power save mode.
    do not suggest you appart it, contact the customer service
  • Thanks again Realrock.  I don't intend to take it apart.  I do intend to send it in but I'm hoping they do more than just replace the screen and at least check the inverter board.
  • Try this. Remove cover over power button, above the print screen button is a connector, press the left side first down then the right side down. Turn on computer and see if that fixed it. I had black screen (ERROR 2000-0333) and did this and fixed it, takes longer to get cover on/off than the

    lookup "Problems With Portable LCD Screen" 

  • If your laptop is not under warranty, changing the screen or Inverter is easy.  There are many videos on both subjects.  Also acquiring parts from other vendors, not from Dell, can save you money.   Make sure it's the Inverter or Screen and not the video card...see if you can see video using an external monitor and don't forget to use the function key to switch from laptop screen to external display.

  • Save your self time and $ check the connection from the LCD to the  system board!

    I just finished working on a Studio 1555 and after running Dell Diags and getting the 2000-0321 error code.

    I replaced the display and same thing. Back light comes on but no Picture.

    I opened the laptop up further removed the plastics surrounding the keyboard and saw that the LCD wire connection to the system board was loose = half way off. I Re-seated it and it works fine.

    Here is the tear down link for the studio 1555 laptop 

    <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>