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Increasing Video RAM on Inspiron 1525


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Increasing Video RAM on Inspiron 1525

  • I looked at the BIOS and noticed that the VRAM is set at ONLY 8MB!!!!!!!  How do you increase this?  I purchased the 1525 because it had the intel GRaphics onboard that was capible of over 300MB of VRAM.  It is able to run many good games, but 8MB is going to run almost nothing.  The other Inspiron I had all I had to do was adjust it in the BIOS, but I had no setting for that.
  • The 8M is not the video RAM  - it's a fixed fram buffer.  It's not upgradeable.


    The system will use system RAM for video up to the maximum depending on the load on the system - that likewise is not user-adjustable.


  • Is this the same in all operating systems?  I am using both Vista and Ubuntu.
  • No, it's not the same for all operating systems.


    See about the differences for XP and Vista in this document section "Dynamic Video Memory":


    Ubuntu in the current versions (hardy, intrepid) use 256MB video memory. You can check this by browsing /var/log/Xorg.0.log. At the moment the amount of video memory is taken statically in Ubuntu/Linux, but this might change in future versions.

  • Thank you very much.  I am pleased to recieve such a detailed explaintion for Ubuntu Linux.

  • It is able to run many good games, but 8MB is going to run almost nothing.

    Well, you probably figured out in the meantime Vista uses up to 384MB of main memory as video memory.


    Still - you won't have much fun playing games with this chipset. Anway, there's a tweak for more performance with other games. It involves switching from HW T&L -> SW T&L in order to go from 6 to 8 Execution units inside the X3100 chipset. Anyway here's more information:


    This will give increased performance for older games.

  • I don't play any high end FPS games.  I mostly play strategy games like civilization IV.  The most demanding game I like is EverQuest II.