I have an issue where I have a Latitude D620 running Vista 32bit in a D/Dock with two monitors attached (24" Samsung @ 1920x1200 using VGA and a 19" Dell @ 1280x1024 using DVI).  This configuration works with the default Vista drivers but if I install the nVidia driver, I get an issue where when I move the mouse, the pointer keeps stopping for a second and then moves for about 5 seconds and then stops again, and so on.  I have tried various versions of the nVidia driver from Dell and Microsoft but none work.  If I run the nvidia driver with just using a single monitor then it runs fine, the problem only happens in dual monitor mode.


The reason I want to run the nVidia driver is that it is the only one that will run video conferencing using Microsoft Communicator without issue.


Many thanks,