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Precision M90 Video problem


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Precision M90 Video problem

  • Yesterday morning returned to computer to find random green squares on the screen of my m90 precision laptop.


    Rebooted machine green squares reappeared and then went to blue screen of death and am not able to restart computer in normal mode.


    Can boot in safe mode - with networking.


    Have tried loading the latest Nividia driver (NIVIDIA QUADRO FX 2500M) but no luck.




    Also tried loading latest BIOS .07 (now .05) but get error message and does not load.


    Any help appreciated

    Bill Tuckwell

  • Do the faults appear on an external monitor?


    Yes --> video card is faulty.

    No --> LCD panel is faulty.

  • Do not get a chance to see what is happening on the external monitor as blue screen comes before that stage.
  • Can you get into Safe Mode?  F8 before Windows loads.


  • Yes can get into safe mode (including networking) am actually using it to send these emails.


    When I toggle screens in safe mode problem shows on either screen.


    Problem appears as soon a you power on.


    Do you know how you might change to a generic video card driver at boot?? Problem seems to be around NVLDDMKM.SYS file - which appears to be part of setuo for NIVIDA video card (and that is probably on the laptop systems board)!!

  • The system does have a separate video card - from the sound of it, it is dying and will need to be replaced. 



  • Spent time on live chat with Dell and they too concluded it was grahics card.


    They claim to have fixed problem by replacing grahics card - unfortuneately I was not home when the tech came.


    After not working in normal mode for two days I retested prior to tech visit and machine worked!!


    I think tech did the same and did not replace card.


    Now machines still fails every second or third boot.


    Which is really a worse situation!


    The quest continues.