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DELL Inspiron 6000 screen went all black.


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DELL Inspiron 6000 screen went all black.

  • Please help.

    I tried hooking it up with an external screen it works fine. All my data information wallpaper is there.


    But on laptop i am not able to see it properly its black. I know its turned on cause i can hear the window startup sound and little desktop but its so dim.


    Anyone one what could the the problem be ?

    Is it screen itself?

    If yes then anyone you know where i can buy it from ?


    Thank a lot.


    I have DELL Inspiron 6000 17" widescreen laptop.

  • The backlight has failed - should cost about $100-150 to replace it with an LCD repair shop.


    The other option:  Replace the screen (new, $350-450;  used, half that, with of course no guarantee of how many hours' life remain on the used backlight that comes with it).


  • Thanks for the quick reply.

    But what is this backlight ?

    Is it Inverter or something else.

    And where is this backlight located on the pc.


    And where can i buy it.


    If you can link me to the proper url that would be great.


    Thanks a lot.



  • The backlight is a fluorescent bulb located inside the display panel itself.  If you have no experience changing one, and aren't equipped to do soldering, have a shop do it for you - it's not a trivial part to replace.


    The only way to source a bulb is to remove the existing one, measure it and order one from one of the big three electronics suppliers -- Newark, Digikey or Mouser.  


    This is the general procedure for replacing the backlight:




  • Thanks a lot mate.

    But the thing is i am in Denmark (Europe).

    Do they deliver worldwide.


    And is there a soldering in installation. ?

    I have experience of changing and installing part but not the soldering.


    I have googled a lot on my 17" backlight inverter but no positive results.




  • You have a 15.4" screen if you have a 6000, not a 17".


    You can test the inverter - run the Dell diagnostics (you'll need an external display to do so) -- F12 at powerup.


    If you get an inverter error, which is unlikely, you can have the inverter repaired or replaced.  Otherwise, contact an LCD repair shop to have the backlight replaced.


  • Nope i have DELL Inspiron 6000 17" widescreen laptop.

    I am actually using my laptop using external old desktop monitor.


    And let me restart the pc and hit F12. And do the diagnose.


    Thanks a lot for your help man.

    Really appreciated.


    I will get back after the diagnose process.


  • The internal panel is 15.4", not 17" if it's a 6000. 


    The 17" model of same time perios is the Inspiron 9200.


  • Now your'e confusing me brother :s


    When i bought the laptop it said its a 17" widescreen laptop.

    And you're saying its 15.4".

    I am lost.


    Or do you mean internally inverter size is 15.4" ?

    Is that a standard size for all laptops ?


    Okay i tried to fo the diagnose test.

    But external monitor won't detect signals from my laptop until a startup screen.

    I dont see anything before that.

    I tried two times. So i had to press and hold the power button to shutit and restart so i could post here again.


    Man please help a lost brother :(



  • I found the following website.

    I don't know if its any good or any usefull as for what i am looking for.

    But it says DELL inverter.

    And i can get it in 2-3days time.



    Help me.



  • The only way to source an inverter (and bear in mind that the inverter is not the likely cause of the problem) is to remove the original and locate the same part.  The 6000 was built with screens from different manufacturers, and the inverters do not interchange - you can take two 6000s, one with a QDI screen and the other with a Samsung, and the inverters will not be the same.


    The 6000 never shipped with a 17" screen - if you have an Inspiron 6000, you have a 15.4"widescreen panel, though as above DO NOT rely on the computer model to source an inverter - if you do there's a good chance what you order, will not fit.



  • I searched a lot of forums.

    And i have come to conclusion that inverter is the problem in my case.

    I hope so, cause its cheaper to replace as compared to screen.


    Man i bought this from UK. it is 17" widescreen.


    I don't know if it was available in USA.

    But i have 17".


    Thats the exact model i have

  • Sorry, but it's not a 17" screen.  The 9200 is the 17" model.  ALL 6000s sold worldwide were 15.4" units.


    Good luck with the inverter purchase - while I hope it works for you, chances are you'll be back for a bulb replacement.


  • Well then i think its 15.4" in widescreen, since youre so sure.


    I did a model number search on their site.

    And they gave me this link.

    Which is Dell Inspiron 6000


    Should i buy it ?


    But you're saying. I might be back for bulb.

    So what should i change ??

    Bulb, inverter or the whole lcd ?


  • Read above.  Do not order an inverter without removing the existing one.  You can't buy an inverter without knowing the exact model you have now.


    In order of probability:  bulb > inverter.