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Dell Inspiron 1501 LCD / Inverter Issue


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Dell Inspiron 1501 LCD / Inverter Issue

  • Hey all,

    I need a bit of advice for something which i thought would be an easy fix.

    The problem is on a Dell Inspiron 1501 Laptop. The LCD backlight stopped working. I proved this by connecting the laptop to a CRT and using the FN + F8 key to get a display on a monitor.

    Fine i thought, so i was able to get another LCD from Dell after twisting their arm as the Warranty had recently run out. (A big thanks to them, Dell support are top trumps yet again) Dell true to their word delivered the LCD today. I fitted it (along with a new cable) carefully making sure all connections were seated correctly.

    Unfortunately the same issue is still there, the screen comes on but there is no backlight and it is nearly impossible to see without attaching an external monitor. If i go into diagnostics it does indeed fail on connecting to the Inverter! I have just replaced the LCD (which comes with the inverter does it not??) and the cable which connects the LCD and converter together and then to the motherboard. I have also reset the CMOS without success. 


  • The inverter comes with the kit from Dell.  If replacing the screen, inverter and cable didn't help, you've got a faulty mainboard.


  • I was afraid you would say that.


    I'll get my grovelling shoes on and email Dell customer services back. 



  • Have you tried the simple fix? Remove cover over power button.  Right above the print screen button is a connector,press the left side down then the right side till it clicks. Turn on computer and see if it works. This fixed my black screen. Only way to see screen before was with flashlight. Takes longer to take off cover and put back on but works.


    lookup "problems with portable LCD's"