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Dual External Monitors off single VGA port on Inspiron 1420


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Dual External Monitors off single VGA port on Inspiron 1420

  • My goal is to connect 2 external monitors to my Inspiron 1420 laptop and close the lid, leaving the 2 external monitors as the only displays. This Inspiron has a nVidia GeForce 8400M GS video card.


    Now, this was my goal before my company even ordered my laptop, so naturally, I contacted Dell support and confirmed with them (TWICE) that this particular video card in this laptop supports TWO external monitors, each w/ their own screen (no cloning). Both times the Dell reps assured me this was possible but I'd have to use a VGA splitter.


    Low and behold, after getting everything hooked up, I can only get the 2 external monitors to clone each other. Even w/ the lid on the laptop closed, the monitors connected via the VGA splitter are cloned. So I contacted Dell support to inquire about how to actually do what they claim is possible. Unfortunately, that information I would need to pay for because it is considered Advanced Support - weaksauce.


    Can anyone provide any info on getting this to work? Perhaps I have a dongle/splitter that isn't supported? Or perhaps its a software config issue.


    Dell Inspiron 1420

    nVidia GeForce 8400M GS

    Vista Ultimate 


    Many thanks.

  • Internal + external with different displays;  you cannot have to externals with different displays on this model.


  • That's awesome - apparently Dell support has no idea what they are talking about then. On two different occasions I was told this was possible. Looks like this laptop will be getting returned ASAP.
  • Hooking two monitors with unique displays off one VGA port is not possible under any circumstance.


    You will require multiple outputs. These are only found on:


    1) Desktops

    2) Laptops with a Quadro NVS card which specifically indicates multiple outputs


    Quadro NVS cards are usually found on workstation laptops, or business laptops. You won't find them on any consumer-range laptop.