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Supported resolutions - D630 & D830


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Supported resolutions - D630 & D830

  • Can someone please tell me the supported resolutions for the D630 WXGA+ and D830 WSXGA+ on-board LCD's?

    I know the native resolution for the D630 WXGA+ is 1440x900 and for the D830 WSXGA+ its 1680x1050 but what about the other resolutions?  I can't find this documented anywhere in the support site.  Thanks!
  • Anyone?  Bueller?  Bueller?  Surely someone has to have one of these laptops and can do a quick check?
  • Click this link below to open an excellent Dell Support 'White-Paper' on your question:

    Should also be able to download a pdf on that page.

    My D800 as well as my new D830 are WUXGA 1920x1200 and that is by-far my preference.

    The higher resolution (147ppi) screens exhibit far less 'pixelation' or blocky look when run at lower resolution,
    (if you need to see something from across the room :) ).

    Lower resolution can not display higher resolution at all, or will need to be 'scrolled around' but ppi will not change.


  • Hi Art - Interesting doc and interesting points.  If you run your D830's WUXGA screen at a lower resolution, what resolutions are available?  Thanks!

  • Default choices on D830 w/WUVGA Screen installed
    and NVIDIA Quadro NVS 140M video card.

    800x600 = SVGA

    1024x768 = XGA

    1280x720 = WXGA

    1280x800 = WXGA

    1280x1024 = SXGA

    1440x900 = WSXGA

    1600x1200 = UXGA

    1680x1050 = WSXGA+

    1920x1080 = UXGA

    1920x1200 = WUXGA and this is the 'native' resolution.

    And if you boot into safe mode, (no video driver loaded)
    the only choice is 640x480 = VGA

    My D800 (also has a WUXGA native screen) has most of the above default choices as well.

    Any but 1280x800, 1680x1050 and 1920x1200 will 'stretch' the image, as the screen has an 8x5 ratio.

    You must have desktop icons in left upper section or lower resolution will move them.

    If you have Video Properties GUI out of this area, it will be gone from view at lower resolutions.

    On the D800, I added a custom 960x600 'wsvga' resolution (still 8/5) for long-distance viewing. :)

    Since the 15.4" is a 'Wide' format (8/5) it has less screen area than a 15" 8/6 ratio 'standard' screen.

    With 'Tablet' PC's often used in 'Portrait' mode, you will also see 768x1024 etc..

    My ancient Latitude LM (native 800x600 SVGA) will run VGA in a small box in center,
    or stretch and distort to fill its full 12" screen.

    It also offers XGA (at a lower color quality) but can only show 480,000 of the 786,432 'pixels' and you must scroll across and/or down to see all of the image.

  • Hi Art - Thanks so much for listing all those resolutions....I really appreciate it.  I gotta admit its really tempting to try out the WUXGA screen but I'd really love to see one in person first.  I hit all the electronics retailer tonight and couldn't find anyone with a 15.4" WUXGA screen.  In fact, I was surprised that I only found one 15.4" screen beyond 1280x800.

    BTW, does anyone have a D830 with the WSXGA+ (1680x1050) display that can tell me what lower resolutions it supports?