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Inspiron 1525 XP Drivers

  • I'm looking to purchase a new laptop and have settled on the Inspiron 1525, but I do not want Vista at all.  I have an XP Pro disc with a good license key, but I want to know if there are drivers available for the video, sound, network and optical systems.  Anyone have any ideas?
  • I'd go with one of Dell's systems that has XP drivers posted for it to be safe.

    Also be aware that the 1525 appears to be a fine system for just general office usage (Word, web browsing, etc.), but would be terrible for some other usages, such as gaming, CAD, etc. The 1520 is overall a higher end system.
  • Hi
    I just did it. Killed the orig. Vista Home Premium installation (which is slow and quite unstable) and installed XP Pro SP2.
    All drivers are available for XP, searching and installing didn't take more than 20 minutes.
    The best thing to do is run the preinstalled vista first an visit this website:
    Scan your machine and print out the document with exact names of all devices.
    Install XP and download suitable XP drivers - there are excellent ones for each device, using google, etc... for search
    Installation order:
    1) Install Chipsetdriver
    2) Install Marvel-Yukon Ethernet driver
    3) install Microsoft High Definition Audio Driver
    4) go to Devicemanager, there is one "!" at a PCI Device - automatically search and install driver.
    5) Install Grafics driver
    6) ...
    Install the HDMI Driver manually (force devicemanager to use the driver)
    The XP Installation is very quick and stable!!
    Kind regards
    Unbelievabel! I had to take out my emailadress for "further" instructions. No Problem with helping people, but I get at least 20 emails a day from people who don't read these instructions - and it even takes a lot of time to tell them "Read da f****** posting!"
    As I have lots of other things to do, I will not provide assitance via email anymore - sry
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  • Hi there,
    Can you help me? I did the same step but the only problem is i can't install my audio driver on XP. Any help will be appreciated.
  • hi markio,
    are you sure that you followed these two steps:

    3) install Microsoft High Definition Audio Driver
    4) go to Devicemanager, there is one "!" at a PCI Device - automatically search and install driver
    may be you didn't install the Microsoft UAA Driver. It is not possible to install the audio driver without correct installation of the UAA !!
    In case you you don't have the correct drivers, use this link:
    careful -> it is about 200MB and contains all XP drivers for 1525Dell Inspiron
    I edited this file again. You find a scan from the device manager as pdf file and I unpacked the HDMI driver - easy now to install this thing manually (don't use the setup.exe) can be found in \Inspiron1525\Drivers\HDMI_Driver\HDMI\
    hope that helps.
    Kind regards

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  • Thanks za lot,
    i've got it up..Thou speaker not that clear, but at least some sounds.. Cheers..
  • Thanks BC,
    When I try to install xp on my 1525, it won't see my hard drive. I tried hitting F6 to install 3rd party drivers but it won't take the ones I found on the dell site. Any ideas ?
    Thank you,
  • Hi Pingeye,
    sure you don't see the is an SATA drive, that is not directly supported by Windows XP.
    1) The easiest way is to change the settings in BIOS from AHCI/SATA to legacy/IDE. I don't know exactly, what they write in the BIOS, but it looks somehow as AHCI/SATA...if this is set to legacy the HDD is visible to windows.
    Whe windows is installed, install the Intel driver manually, then change the settings in BIOS again to SATA.
    2) The other possibility is to create a XP CD that contains the Intel IHC8 Driver. This is the "cool way" to do it but it's a bit more sophisticated. It can be done manually or with special programs e.g. nlite (
    3) If you have an external FDD 3,5'' USB Drive, this can be used to insert the SATA driver during XP installation by pressing "F6" when asked for.
    Hope that helps,
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  • Hi,

    I've done also everything, you've described. For the first glance it looks everything okay. But after a Reboot, the video driver won't work. The resolution is only 640x480. Inside the Devicemanager everything looks great. So I tried to uninstall the drivers and voila: The resolution is back with 1280x800 ... It'll work now, but inside the device manager I've got thos two nasty yellow question marks of unknow devices ...

    I've also tried to download the latest driver from intel, but no change ...

    Does anybody have a clue?


  • Hi Hachtl,
    please make a screenshot from devicemanager and send it as email attachment or post it here in the forum. I need to see, what devices are missing.
    Kind regards
    PS.: A printout (screenshot or pdf) from the would be helpful for me as well. The scan is free.

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  • Hi,

    I've searched a bit at intel's homepage, and found a newer driver one, which now works. The link ist here:

    Now the graphic cards works fine, but I've got another problem :-(( No I cannot do a Network connection. I've searched sone things and found at services, that all network related services are not up ... strange thing, both fixed network and wifi won't work anymore ... crazy thing ...


  • Hi,

    I've reinstalled XP ... and now it seems to work ... I'll now install my software and plug it into my windows domain and see if it works fine ..


  • Hi Hachtl ,
    Did you see the hard drive at first, or did you have to install drivers to pick it up ?
  • Hi,

    I've included the latest SATA-Drivers into my Win XP-Installation Disk. Without it it wont work. But it is very easy to do this with tools like xp-Iso-Builder or nLite.



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  • Hello,

         I'm having the same problem as Hachtl.  Internet works, but no Network drivers. So I am going to try and make an xp cd with the SATA drivers loaded using this guide:


    Can someone please point me in the right direction to download the correct SATA driver that I need to slipstream into the xp install?


    Also, do I need to change the bios back out of legacy mode before I install XP?


    Thanks for the help.  TG

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