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LCD does not work, but computer works with external monitor?


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LCD does not work, but computer works with external monitor?

  • Have a Dell Laptop 5150.  I can hook up an external monitor to it and it is fine.  However the laptop monitor just shows white backlight, never see any text in the boot process or anything else.  Is this most likely the flat panel or could it be something else?
    Is this normal behavior when the LCD goes out to just show the backlight?
  • If the display is white (not completely black) it's an electronic fault in the controller behind the panel. An LCD repair shop should be able to repair it for $100-150 or so.
  • I have the same problem.  I went to a repair shop and they told me that it was the screen and that they couldn't get a new one.  I called Dell, and went through an extensive support call which resulted in the same answer.  I ended up ordering the LCD from Dell Spare Parts.  It came with the screen and the cable to connect it to the computer (don't know what that cable is called).  Anyway, I replaced the screen myself, and powered up.  I have exactly the same result.  The screen is all white.  I can display on an external monitor, but nothing on my laptop.   HELP!!!!
  • That doesn't sound good.  I was worried that the problem is not the LCD before I try to replace mine.  I suppose the one from Dell could of been a bad part?  Or maybe part of the video card could be bad even though the external connection of the video card works?  Hopefully others will give us more insight. 
  • If the screen is all white, re-check the connection to the mainboard, and verify that it's the same panel you had before. An all-white screen with an external display that's OK indicates one of two things - the screen is faulty, far less likely, that the system board is faulty.
  • Hi,
     I have a similar problem . Try this workaround .
    After the white screen comes ( that is after booting is done )
    put the laptop in standby mode ( Fn + Standby key )
    The screen will turn dark . Once it turns dark , press the power key gently ( essentially bringing it out of stand by mode ) .
    It might work
    I dont know what the issue is , but the above solution worked for me . I will post a different thread to know what the exact problem is.
  • Thanks for the suggestions.  The "standby" approach didn't work.  I've had the system booted up and down so many times and run through so many diagnositics it is ridiculous!
    Talked to Dell again about the new screen not working - this time to Dell Repair.  They said its "either the screen or the motherboard" and for the price of $398+tax they'd repair whatever was necessary of the two, or both.  I haven't commited.  There are new laptops out there for that price!
    I stripped the system all they way down to the motherboard.  I checked every plug or wire I could find and nothing.  When I reassembled my laptop it did the same thing - fortunately and unfortunately. 
    What'd ya'll think?  Send it back?  Buy a monitor for it and relegate it to my daughter as a desktop?
  • What key is the stand-by key.  Don't have the laptop in front of me but can't recall a key with that label in Blue.  Thanks I will give it a try.
  • I have purchased a used motherboard on eBay before and installed it.  But your right it is a tough decision with the cost of just throwing it out and replacing it.  I will let you know how I make out with my monitor as well. 
    Any chance you would want to send me one of your screens.  How much?

  • Sorry....I already sent the new screen back to Dell.  It cost $264.  How much was the system board?  Let me know how that works out for you.