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Inspiron 1501 video problems

  • Have had this laptop about 3 months now and unable to get any support from Dell on this. I have sent numberous emails, done the live chat, tried calling the support line. I never hear back from emails, the live chat people keep telling me to format (which i have done 7 times), and calling is about useful as my original thought of Dell being a worthy company to buy products from.
    Inspiron 1501
    2gb ram
    windows vista
    igp radeon 1150 (shipping label says 256mb, system says 128mb)
    120gb hd
    my problems are mainly revolving around the video card constantly uninstalling the driver, unable to - update driver, find driver, card errors, visual - multi colour display lines, static, blue screen, white n black screen, solid black screenw ith small green blue red box in lower right corner, or card erros reset puter so i ahve to turn it back on then takes 15 mins to get to windows.
    I am running a bare system, the only software or hardware on it is what came with it. It has become more or less a paperweight. Would love to have this issue fixed. Currently my desktop which is a custom build - semptron3100, nforce3a, radeon 9550 agp 256mb, 1gb ram, windows 2000 pro. Runs smother, faster than my new laptop. I build my desktop over 2 years ago and is used as main computer in a network, gaming machine, small business, and for college. My Laptop is useless.
  • I have had the same problems and would appreciate any information you learn concerning any possible ways to fix the situation.  I will pass along anything I find as well. 
  • ty i will indeed do the same.
  • I have exactly the same problem described here. It's happened pretty much since day 1. It's been several months but I do have an e-mail from Dell authorizing me to return the computer to Dell for repair when it becomes available. I travel a lot in my line of work and at the time I could not spare it for repair. It's pretty much now available to return but I may have stumbled on the fix. The Dell Tech support said they wanted to replace the motherboard but I have little confidence this would fix anything.

    Over the past weekend I was riding in the car and had 3 1/2 hours to spend each way working on this issue on my own.

    Specifically, my computer hangs up and the screen display changes to any of the following:

    1. colored stripes
    2. mostly blank screen with a 1.5 inch x 1.5 inch block somewhere.
    3. On more rare occasions a blue screen with garbled grey letters.
    4. dark screen.

    It can happen at any time, hot or still very cool after boot up. It seems to happen more frequently just after placing a USB flash card in the machine but like I said. It can happen at any time.

    When running the test for system overall score I got a 2.8 and the video is the weak link. When optimizing the system I selected better overall performance with regards to the graphics. The score only jumped to 2.9 but it has yet to hang up since.

    I believe that if I were running Win XP instead of Vista Home Edition the computer would run fine as Vista puts more strain on the system video.

    My system was bought in June 2007.
    It is an Inspiron 1501
    with a 120GB SATA HDD
    and 1GB RAM.
    It is running Vista Home Basic
  • i do concur with you on using XP than Vista. I only wish XP wasnt offered as an extra charge option when using the customize laptop on the site. I am running this system using the options to custom the machine for performance rather than effects/graphics quality. My problem with XP is I have tried installing XP Pro and Home, niether will install on this sytem. I get a dialog box telling me my XP key is invalid. Yet when installed on friends computers it installs fine with no invalid key problems. I have thought if Dell were to let me ship it back to have a better graphics card or have XP installed by them, I probably wouldn't have much problem. But seems to me Dell customer/hardware support or hardware/software defects are not their concern. Appears to me these machines are a buy at own risk. One would think there would be a manufacture warranty on the hardware.
    I believe it is simply a defective graphics card or isn't compatible with Vista. Come to think of it alot of things aren't very compatible with Vista, yet it is being installed on nearly all new computer systems that can be purchased anywhere. Yet Microsoft hasn't even released SP3 for XP yet.
  • Maybe success! 
    I logged on to the ATI site as directed by my computer a few days ago.  I updated the video drivers and I am happy to report that since doing so, I have not had an occurence of our common problem.
    If/when it occurs again I'll let you know.  I'll try to remember to do so in a week or so if it remains o.k.  I've ever gone this long without the problem occuring.
    Good luck!
  • I anounced that my problem went away more than a week ago.  I'm just reporting back that it still has not recurred.  This in addition to returning my video settings back to normal default.  I had previously lowered them to help with the freezing issue.
    After severl months, I'm happy to say, the computer is running as expected when I purchased it.
    Had I sent the computer to Dell as they planned to upgrade the motherboard I likely would not have fixed it.
    The ATI site finally posted drivers for this computer which did install and appear to have fixed my problem.  This also confirms that had I installed WinXP the problem would have gone away.
  • i had downloaded and installed the ati site drivers once b4. that caused me to have to format and reinstall due to the video card error wouldnt let me rollback driver or uninstall it. but i am sure if i eventually get xp it will fix the issue. i just dont think vista is ready for open market yet til they iron out all the bugs. besides xp has been doing so well and near everyone uses it. i do believe xpsp2 has been hailed as the best windows installs ever. just hope sp3 doesnt screw all that up.
    still awaiting sp1 for vista.
  • The new drivers which worked for me were just released.  All previous drivers would not install for me.  Did you install XP on your system?
  • The problems seem to exist with XP as well... I have installed XP SP2 Home on an new Inspiron 1501 (that was sold with FreeDOS) just 3 days ago. I have downloaded the latest drivers for everything from the Dell site, updated the BIOS, etc. Everything worked fine on my desk. Now my client reports that the screen become black for several occasions during the last 3 days, and that then he sometimes gets "VPU Recover has reset your graphics accelerator" message. (I know this error description is not very clear, but I didn't have chance to speak with him yet...)
  • updated video drivers still having the same problem. still getting blue moise screen on first sometimes second bootup attempt to log into windows also now secondlife is more choppy.
  • From what I have seen so far in this and other Inspiron 1501 video problem related topics, it sounds like a construction mistake with this model (i.e., a problem with the hardware design), so it won't mater if you are using XP or Vista, or if you use this or that driver version, at best the frequency of crashes can be decreased. And instable hardware is just like that... sometimes it stops misbehaving, and then you believe that you have found the solution. And when you are already happy and convinced, it suddenly starts the same maddens all over again. Or, maybe with some driver or BIOS updates the chance of crashes can actually be decreased, so that the company can hope he can go away without giving your money back. But if there were true software solution, Dell would already come up with it.
  • are you even sure dell cares about any of it? everytime i have ever gotten them on the phone, live chat, or email i am told to format the pc and reinstall everything, they seem to think that will fix every problem with the puter.
  • All
     Have you installed the latest bios?
  • Wow, here I was thinking "only me." This thing is having the same issues as everyone else, including the blue screen with just garbled "characters" (if you want to call them characters). Why is it so hard to get a working video driver on a machine you guys are selling? I updated the drivers on ATI's website; same issue. Reverted to Microsoft's native drivers and now I am actually able to use my d@mned laptop but when it goes into standby and comes back out, the screen has tons of vertical lines and flickers like crazy and I have to reboot it. Now I don't know about you, but I like the concept of saving electricity. And even though potentially 65 watts being billed at 11 cents per kWh is not exactly an arm and a leg, I would love to save some money on the electric bill without having to try to flush this thing down the toilet. Standby should work; it's 2007. Video drivers should work; it's 2007. Reloaded Vista OS like 10 times. My wife is getting frustrated here. I am spending more time with "the thing" than with her. Flashed BIOS; same issue. Called Dell like 10^9 times. Let's not even talk about that one. I could go on and on here but that would take away from my "google-time" to try to fix this issue. Wouldn't want that now would I? Thanks. P.S. My wife said hi.