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Can I run two external Monitors off of a Latitude D830?

  • I have Dell Latitude D830. I am currently using one external monitor with it. I do alot of design work and would love to be able to use two external monitors instead of one and the laptop screen. Is there a way to use two external monitors?
  • Not without a docking station with its own video card inside, no. You can do it with a D-dock and a PCI video card.
  • So, I would have to buy a docking station and then install a PCI card into it. I do not suppose there is a docking station out there that would allready be able to do that. I do not know much about hardware...
  • This is the dock you will need:
  • Hi ejn63,
    Are you sure you can't use two external monitors without an additional PCI card? There are a few posts in the forum with people using that setup. One one case somebody is using a D820 with the APR. It would be strange that this is supported in the D820 but not in the D830.
    Seems there are problems with the driver not retaining the dualview configuration when rebooting or opening/closing the lid. But those are likely software problems, not hardware ones.
  • It'll work if you do one clone of the internal panel and a second display - I made the assumption the poster meant to have three separate displays (internal + two different externals) -- that won't work without an additional video card.
  • I'm not sure the OP wanted to use 3 displays at the same time, but it doesn't matter too much. As long as it is now clear for him what he can do (any combination of 2 displays), and what he can't (3 displays at the same time), then everything is fine :)