Inspiron 1720 nVidia Geforce Go 8400M GS


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Inspiron 1720 nVidia Geforce Go 8400M GS

  • Hello,
    I had to change from Vista Home Premium to Windows XP Professional SP2 and can't find a suitable driver for my NVIDIA Geforce Go 8400M GS with 128MB DDR2 dedicated graphic memory.
    Can someone please help me? thanx
  • where have you tried? have you tried
  • Yes, I've tried
    When I download the driver from there the installation is stopped by "no appropriate hardware found".
    For me it seams as if I can only find graphic card drivers for desktops and nothing for the Inspiron 1720 notebook.
  • If I recall correctly, Nvidia did stop support for most, if not all, notebook video cards.  The drivers are suppose to be supported by Dell.  The same goes for ATI also.
    From the Nvidia Website:
    NVIDIA provides driver updates to our Notebook and Laptop computer partners.  The driver updates are then packaged and distributed by the partners, often with custom power management and other features and settings specific to that platform. NVIDIA does not control the schedule the various notebook and laptop providers use to release new drivers for their products.

    NVIDIA is NOT allowed to directly distribute drivers for the vast majority of Notebook and Laptop computers.

    The only way to get updates for NVIDIA laptop or notebook graphics cards is though the notebook provider.
    The driver from the Nvidia site is for desktops. Nvidia has no drivers for the 8000 series boards in laptops with XP Pro.
    You can not install Nvidia desktop drivers in a laptop unless the .ini file for the driver is modified to install on the specific video board. There are some modified drivers available. See 3DGuru for example.
    Drivers for an x64 OS are hard to get. Do some searching on the web.
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  • Well however,
    I got in touch with a Dell guy and he told me to download (save) 162.18 from the site
    after doing that I excuted the exe file to a folder.
    then in the device manager I rightclicked the wrong VGA and updated the driver
    you don't let Windows search for you, you want to specify the location.
    you specify your folder and click on nv4_disp.inf
    then you choose whatever you need (in my case 8400 GS) and go on with the installation.
    And the Dell guy told me that Inspiron 1520 and 1720 are actually not made for XP.