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  • I own Dell Inspiron 9300 and today i started experiencing flickering on the right side of the screen. I flashed the Bios and ran the tests and seems all good but still issue persist. Any suggestions please???
  • Attach an external monitor. Does the same defect occur?
  • Its strange man but i ran the tests and did bios update tried to update the radeon x300 drivers and seems it works fine now (go figure; strange). Any other suggestions? I havent tried hooking it up to another screen (outside monitor) but anything else. Please let me know AND THANKS FOR TAKING TIME TO HELP ME!
  • I submitted my case and checked the forums. For now (crossing fingers) it appears that the issue is not there but Lord knows if it will come again. Mine was purchase in Oct 2005 and i mean with little over a year issues like this start happening its crazy. I dont use this badly and abuse it or anything and this stuff should not be happening (Dell Listen!!!!!!)
  • Hello everyone and sadly enough the problem appeared again at work though with my screen seems like on the right side white lines and the screen is the light blue color!!!! It did not do it at home but at work. I use Wireless here at home reg dsl. Any Interference issues or any ideas guys? Thanks its Insipiron 9300 17 inch display reg not true color
  • Hey man i attached the external monitor it works fine and i updated the radeon x300 drivers to no avail. Whats next in line that has to be done?
  • Reseat and check the ribbon cable that runs between the mainboard and panel. If that doesn't do it, the panel itself will need repair or replacement.
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  • I had it checked and its the LCD man cant believe this its outrageous
  • Dont they have warranty on LCD's???